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New In 2023

At GameDay Squad, we want to bring you the best possible Fantasy Sports experience.

We love our current platform, but we’re super excited to roll out some game-changing features in 2023. Check them out below!

Mobile App

GameDay Squad has an app for the 2023 Season!


You can now open Player Packs, set your squad, use the Transfer Market on the go, view the leaderboards and enter private competitions, all from your pocket!


The app is available for download on both the App Store & Google Play now.  


Transfer Market

We have introduced a fully integrated peer-to-peer transfer market for 2023!


Buy, sell, auction, and trade your digital assets with other coaches as you build your perfect squad. With all transactions in AUD and no cryptocurrency required, every coach controls their Squad's destiny.

Private Leagues

In 2023, both the Aussie Rules and Rugby League fantasy sports games will have access to private competitions!


Whether you're in the Classic league or the Champion league, you will be able to play against your mates and go head-to-head and see who has the best fantasy skills!


The Rolling Lockout

In 2023, GameDay Squad has introduced a rolling lockout that will replace the fixed lockout previously used!


This means that players will only be locked out when their team's game commences. This adds another level of strategy to the game as well as giving GameDay Squad coaches a little bit more control and freedom with their selection. 



The GameDay Squad Referrals Program is a way for already existing users to get their friends and family involved while being rewarded at the same time!


For every new user that an existing user refers onto the platform, the existing user will receive a free rare 3 player pack! The best part? Completing the process is simple and easy!

Detailed Statistics

In 2023, we plan to launch a fully integrated detailed statistics page which will give you the edge over your mates like never before!


Everything from position rankings, advanced statistics, transfer market information such as average price paid and price histories means that not only will users not have to own a specific card to know their stats, but there will be more stats than ever to help you get that extra edge!


Specialty Cards

GameDay Squad will release Special Edition Player Cards in limited numbers to celebrate some of the great achievements and accolades we see in sports. Some of the Special Edition Player Cards for 2023 may include: 

  • Dally M Medal / Leigh Matthews Trophy

  • Dally M Rookie of the Year / AFL Rising Star Award

  • Clive Churchill Medal / Norm Smith Medal

  • State of Origin / All-Australian Team


These Special Edition Player Cards will have a higher points multiplier than Bronze Cards. Coaches who are fortunate enough to obtain one of these Special Edition Player Cards can play it in their squad, trade or delist the card - Just as they would with any other card of value!

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