Coming in 2023

At GameDay Squad, we’re leveraging what blockchain technology has to offer to bring you the best possible Fantasy Sports experience. We love our current platform, but we’re super excited to roll out some game-changing features in 2023. Check them out below!

Transfer market

When the 2022 season finishes, the off-season will kick off with the launch of our fully integrated peer-2-peer marketplace.


Buy, sell, auction, and trade your digital assets with other coaches as you build your perfect squad. With all transactions in AUD and no cryptocurrency required, every coach is in control of their team's destiny.

Transfer market.png

New squad management rules

Whilst we’re loving the look of our current Squad Management system, GameDay Squad is bringing more to the table in 2023 with a new set of Squad Management rules and features. These include: 

  • Captaincy Selection - Assign one player in your squad as the Captain. All points scored by this player will be doubled when calculating your squad’s weekly score. 

  • Dual-Position Players - Player Cards with two position icons will be playable in either of the applicable positional slots in your Squad. That way, you can make the most of your versatile fantasy assets. 

  • Automatic Substitutions - Bench players will automatically be swapped into your starting squad if any of your starting players fail to take to the field in real-life. 

  • Limited Trades - Each week, Coaches will only be able to swap a maximum of two players between their active squad and reserves. With only two trades up your sleeve, you'll have to be ultra-tactical when deciding who to bring in and who to leave in the reserves each week!

squad man.png

The draft

Few things excite Sports Fans more than the crop of new players who enter different leagues each year. Some players are drafted in, others come from overseas and some even re-emerge from the depths of reserve grade or retirement! As these fresh faces enter the big leagues, new GameDay Squad digital assets will need to be created. We’re excited to channel these new Player Cards into our ecosystem via annual draft events!


Draft Tokens (obtained via delisting or peer-to-peer trades) will be used to participate in the end-of-season GameDay Squad Draft Lottery. The winners of this lottery will earn themselves a place in the GameDay Squad Live Draft - A live-streamed event where those lucky lottery winners have the opportunity to draft unique Player Cards for the best young sporting talents. 


More competitions & private leagues

At GameDay Squad, we are committed to providing more ways for you to play in 2023! In addition to our existing Salary Cap and Open competitions, you’ll have the option to: 

  • Play in ‘Alternate’ Salary Cap competitions - Similar to our existing Salary Cap competition, however, the Salary Cap itself will be different (e.g. an extra $1m, $2.5m, $5m, etc…).

  • Create and compete in Private Leagues - The best way to go head-to-head against your mates!


In all competitions and private leagues, there’s more than just bragging rights up for grabs… You’ll have the ability to win weekly and/or seasonal prizes! We can’t wait!


Player delisting


Unable to trade away or sell a Player Card on the Transfer Market? Wanting to get rid of a Player Card instantly? Delisting is the solution for you!


GameDay Squad’s ‘Delist’ function will allow Coaches to instantly dispose of any unwanted Player Card(s) in their squad. In return, Coaches will receive a sum of Draft Tokens, which can be used to participate in the end-of-season GameDay Squad Draft  Lottery. Additionally, Draft Tokens can be used as a deal-sweetener or additional leverage in peer-to-peer trade negotiations.


The number of Draft Tokens received for each delisted Player Card will solely depend on the rarity of that card. Rarer Player Cards will be exchangeable for more Draft Tokens than less-rare Player Cards.

Locker room

Every Coach will have a Locker Room, which functions as their public profile and trophy cabinet on the GameDay Squad Platform. 


Your Locker Room will feature all the achievements and awards that you’ve obtained from GameDay Squad competitions. These achievements will never disappear so they’ll be yours to flaunt forever! It will also be a place for Coaches to showcase their favourite cards, best weekly scores, and any words of advice for competitors. 


Coaches will be able to customise their Locker Rooms in many different ways. We can’t wait to see all the unique Locker Rooms in 2023!

locker room.png

Specialty cards

GameDay Squad will release Special Edition Player Cards in limited numbers to celebrate some of the great achievements and accolades we see in sports. Some of the Special Edition Player Cards for 2023 may include: 

  • Dally M Medal / Leigh Matthews Trophy

  • Dally M Rookie of the Year / AFL Rising Star Award

  • Clive Churchill Medal / Norm Smith Medal

  • State of Origin / All-Australian Team


These Special Edition Player Cards will have a higher points multiplier than Bronze Cards. Coaches who are fortunate enough to obtain one of these Special Edition Player Cards can play it in their squad, trade or delist the card - Just as they would with any other card of value!

specialty cards.png
Squad builder.png

Squad building challenges

Our Squad Building Challenges will allow Coaches to earn additional rewards (such as Player Packs and Special Edition Player Cards) by building squads which meet specific predetermined criteria. 


To obtain the reward, Coaches will need to submit a squad which meets the relevant criteria (e.g. a squad full of Queenslanders) and surrender these cards to GameDay Squad. 


This will provide Coaches with an exciting way to convert unused or unwanted Player Cards into lucrative rewards at no cost!  

More prizes!

There are some pretty awesome weekly prizes up for grabs in 2022… But we’re planning to take this to a whole new level in 2023!


We’re determined to reward more Coaches with more exciting prizes more regularly! High-performing Coaches will continue to receive valuable player packs as prizes on a weekly basis. However, you may find that our prize pools also include: 

  • Special Edition Player Cards

  • Temporary Score Boosts

  • Draft Tokens

  • Unique In-Game Assets & Badges

pack prizes 2023.png