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Integrating the blockchain and the digital collectibles such as NFTs

2 Jan 2022

By integrating the blockchain with digital collectables such as NFTs, we’re changing the way how fantasy sport will be played forever!

GameDay Squad's platform uses blockchain technology to enhance the fantasy sport experience and provides new ways for Coaches to play. Player cards that you receive from opening player packs are digital assets and their existence can be verified through the blockchain. Blockchain technology allows for rarity and scarcity of digital assets to be recorded and verified with the ability for anyone to confirm this by looking at on-chain data. 

-(A good example here - not sure if it fits in with how we're writing the game manual? I'll use for my blog if it doesn't fit)

Think about when( OR An example of where this would be beneficial is when/ OR an easy way to think about this is when) a purchase is made of a character skin in a traditional video game (like Fortnite or League of Legends - not sure if you wanted to have specific examples of games here). Game developers create these skins on demand as soon as they are purchased and have no record of how many of these assets they have printed. You don't even own the asset! You're technically leasing it.

So what does owning a digital asset in GameDay Squad mean?

Well you can have confidence that at GameDay Squad we won't decide to print more Legend one-of-one cards because we think it's a good idea, and the blockchain can back us up with this one. The main thing you can do with your digital asset is use it to play fantasy sport on the GameDay Squad platform! We have also developed a peer-to-peer transfer market in which you can buy and sell these digital assets with other Coaches for Australian Dollars.

Our future plans with the blockchain

GameDay Squad's hopes for the future include continuing to work with our blockchain developers Labrys to add further blockchain related features such as withdrawing your player cards to your external blockchain wallet, adding cryptocurrency as a payment method for player packs and updating data from our platform on the blockchain.'

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