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Player Cards

7 Jan 2022

The heart and soul of our fantasy sport platform! Learn all about our player cards including their rarities, scarcities and multipliers right here

How do player cards enter the game?

The standard group of player card can only enter the game if it is first found in a player pack. This means that every time a coach receives a player from a pack, they are the first owner of that player card.

What are the standard playing cards and what are their characteristics?

Standard playing cards are all player cards that come in bronze, silver, gold , platinum , diamond and legend tiers.

It is very important to note that every single player that can be found on our fantasy platform has the exact same amount of standard playing cards. To learn more about the player card pool that is available, check out Player Packs

They are as follows:

Bronze: Unlimited (1.0X score multiplier)

Silver: 5000 cards per player (1.1X score multiplier)

Gold: 2500 cards per player (1.2X score multiplier)

Platinum: 500 cards per player (1.3X score multiplier)

Diamond: 100 cards per player (1.4X score multiplier)

Legend: 1 card per player (1.5 score multiplier

What are non standard playing cards?

Non standard playing cards would be any “special” card that is created

And will never come in the tiers found in the standard cards.

At our platforms launch there will no special cards present game however we plan on and reserve the right introduced cards as prizes, promotions and special occasions (i.e. state of origin cards, all Australian cards).

To protect the integrity of the current standard playing cards, GameDay Squad commits to never releasing a special card over a 1.4 X multiplier ensuring that all 1 of 1 legend NFT cards will forever main the highest single multiplier for each player.

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