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Registering & selecting a sport

5 Jan 2022

Now onto the fun stuff! here we will teach you how to register and create your first GameDay Squad

The first step for any coach wanting to create their own Aussie Rules or Rugby league fantasy team on our platform is by first creating and registering an account with GameDay Squad.

Click Register ......

From there you can choose to create a Aussie Rules or Rugby league fantasy team by clicking register here on either of the () below.

From here you will need to create a unique team name and remember the name the name you choose here will be unable to be changed until the end of the season (so choose wisely).

You also need to acknowledge you understand that we are not associated with, licensed by or affiliated with the AFL or NRL in any way, you can get to work on creating your premiership winning GameDay Squad!

From here you are ready to start building your ultimate GameDay Squad!

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