8 Jan 2022

Learn how your team will score points in both our Aussie Rules and Rugby Leagues games

Coaches will score points weekly based upon the real-life performance of their Active Players each Round. Points will be awarded or subtracted for each performance statistic attributed to each Active player during the round as follows:

Aussie Rules:

· Kicks: 4 points

· Handball: 2 points

· Mark: 3 points

· Tackle: 4 points

· Goal: 8 points

· Behind: 0 points

· Hitout: 1 point

· Free Kick For: 2 points

· Free Kick Against: -2 points

See here for the Aussie Rules blog announcing the scoring

Rugby League :

· Try: 10 points

· Goal: 3 points

· 1 Point field Goal: 4 points

· 2 Point Field Goal: 6 points

· Try Assist: 6 points

· Line Break: 4 points

· Line Break Assist: 3 points

· Tackle: 1 point

· Tackle Break: 3 points

· Missed Tackle: -3 points

· Offload: 2 points

· Error: -4 points

· 40/20 or 20/40: 5 points

· Meters Gained: 1 per 10m

· Kicking Meters: 1 per 30m

· Penalty: -4 points

· Sin-Bin: -6 points

· Send-Off: -12 points

· Try Saves: 6 points

· Kicks Defused: 2 points

· Forced Drop Outs: 3 points

· Forced Turnover: 5 points

See here for the Rugby League blog announcing the scoring

An eligible players weekly score will then be multiplied by their card tier which

The captain for each team will scored double points (calculated after card multiplier is considered). If the captain does not play, the selected vice-captain will be treated as the new captain and score double points.

Players on a team’s bench will not score points.

Players in a team’s squad or reserves will not score points

Once all player scored have been calculated, a weekly team score will be assigned to each coach for the round. These scores will be used to determine the standing of the round in both leagues. This process is completed weekly with the final season standings for both leagues being a cumulative score of a coaches weekly scores.