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Squad management

9 Jan 2022

Every fantasy platform needs some rules and restrictions in place for how you manage your squad. Learn all about them here!

Squad management refers to the rules and restrictions in place for coaches follow as they will look to set up and manage their teams over the course of the footy seasons.

Player Sections

There are 4 distinct sections found within the squad management section of a coaches Aussie Rules and Rugby league teams:

  1. Field

  2. Bench

  3. Squad

  4. Reserves


  • The 17 (Rugby League) or 18 players that occupy the scoring position

  • Point scoring

  • Part of the Active Squad


  • The 4 players in both sports

  • Point scoring only if a player on the field does not play and they are the selected emergency

  • Part of the Active Squad


  • 8 (Aussie Rules) and 9 (Rugby League) players

  • Can never be point scoring

  • Part of the active squad


  • Unlimited number of players in both sports

  • Can never be point scoring

  • Not part of the active squad

Lockout + Player Swapping Rules

Before Round 1 Lockout:

  • A coach can

After Round 1 Lockout:

  • A coach is given only 2 free player swaps

  • The swapping of a player for the same player but of a different card tier also is treated as a player swap.

What happens if a coach wants to exceed 2 player swaps in a given week?

Exception: A player who registers a term for either sport in season (after Rd1 lockout) will have have their first round lockout treated as if it is a “before round 1 lockout”. This means they can make unlimited changes within their team with no penalty. After their first round lockout, they will then follow the rules of the “after round 1 lockout”.

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