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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules 2023: Round 5 Review

Is a young Port Adelaide stud back in full form? A St Kilda defender that has come from the clouds to be relevant? 26 points from who?! There are so many questions coming out of round 5. But let's turn our attention back to fantasy footy for a second and identify some risers in form and others who should be falling out of favour with all fantasy coaches. Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Zak Butters, Callum Wilkie and Daniel Rich in a round 5 AFL review


Liam Baker's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Liam Baker – DEF, Richmond Tigers (147 points)

I've had my finger on the pulse of Liam Baker since his preseason score of 144 GDS fantasy points to see if he could be a legit option in 2023. Fast forward to round 5 and it seems as though he has carved out a role in the Richmond defence that allows him to score at a relatively consistent basis! Baker's average of 112 GDS fantasy points per game makes him an intriguing point-of-difference option, especially with the likes of Sam Docherty and Will Day spending time on the pine, someone like Baker could be a very valuable asset to have in your back pocket. Baker's fantasy profile is unique in a way where he seems able to doo just about anything Damien Hardwick asks of him... which as we know, can be good or bad depending. Baker can player forward of the centre which renders him futile for fantasy. However, in the role that he is in right now, off of Richmonds half-back line, Baker's able to break the lines with either his speed of his kicking ability, but he's also able to slow down, take the easy kick/mark and earn his points like a traditional half-back flanker does. 2023 is by far and away the 25-year-olds best start to a fantasy season, if he can keep this up, he might find his way into a good amount of teams!

Zak Butters platinum GameDay Squad player card

Zak Butters – FWD, Port Adelaide Power (133 points)

Nowwwww he's cooking. Zak Butters once again had an interrupted preseason with injuries and came into the season a little underdone. His centre-bounce-attendance percentages and fantasy scoring reflected just that as his averaged 28% CBAs and just 81 GDS fantasy points per game through the first three rounds of the season. Butters has seemed to have found his feet however, averaging 66% CBA percentage and 118 GDS fantasy points per game in his last two matches. Zak Butters is a player that fantasy coaches have been interested in since he entered the league, a proper breakout season has beckoned, but has often been hemmed in by various and countless injuries. If he gets a good run at it health wise (please footy gods!) Butters could be a top 6 forward come the end of the season, his ceiling could be anything and as a dynasty option... Could he then overtake his mate Connor Rozee? Maybe...

Callum Wilkie's diamond GameDay Squad player card

Callum Wilkie – DEF, St Kilda Saints (137 points)

Talk about coming out of left field... We're talking about Callum Wilkie as a fantasy option in 2023! Bloody hell. Three games on the trot, Wilkie has surpassed 100+ GDS fantasy points, and he hasn't just crawled over either! His last three game average comes to a total of 125 GDS fantasy point per game! Seriously insane numbers when considering Wilkie only average 81 GDS fantasy points per game across the entire season in 2022. His role has clearly changed under Ross Lyon, who is more than happy for his defenders to chip the ball along the backline until a forward press opens up. This game-style can be seen in Wilkie's stats, averaging almost 12 marks per game in his 125 GDS fantasy point game stretch. If you are to start Wilkie, he would be the ultimate POD, and if he keeps up this form, the Saints stand in skipper will pay off in a massive way!


Jade Gresham's silver GameDay Squad player card

Jade Gresham – FWD, St Kilda Saints (26 points)

Twenty six points... Gresham garnered a small tribe off fantasy coaches willing to give him a chance in their line ups over the off-season. The prospects of midfield time (This happens every offseason it feels like), a healthy stretch and more opportunity than ever before under new coach Ross Lyon meant that a good amount coaches at least gave thought to Gresham's selection. To begin the season the claims were true! Gresham totalled 40% CBAs in round one and 64% in round two, as well as 90 and 107 GDS fantasy points in those two games, but the only thing that is consistent about Jade Gresham is his ability to absolutely burn us eventually. Those who held on will be licking their wounds as Gresham could only muster up a round killing 26 GDS fantasy points in round 5. 7 disposals, 2 marks and a tackle is what got him to a score that was reminder of how volatile a scorer Gresham is. We know he has these types of scores in him and it's just too risky to select him unfortunately.

Elliott Yeo's gold GameDay Squad player card

Elliott Yeo – DEF, West Coast Eagles (56 points)

I might be being a touch harsh here but defender Elliott Yeo is definitely becoming hard to trust. Yeo missed the first three rounds due to a strain injury, since his return, Yeo hasn't been able to eclipse over 54% time-on-ground in his first two games this season. His scores have matched the extremely low game-times, scoring only 56 and 57 GDS fantasy points per game in his first two hit-outs. We know that historically Yeo has been an elite fantasy option, and while he isn't getting any younger, the expectation was that once he returned to the half-back flank Yeo would be a great fantasy option. These early TOG percentages make it impossible to start him. The good thing is, his TOG percentages can't hover around 50% forever, but until he hits the 80% TOG mark, he cannot be started.

Daniel Rich's legend GameDay Squad player card

Daniel Rich – DEF, Brisbane Lions (56 points)

This will come back to bite me because Daniel Rich will come out and score 170 GDS fantasy points this week, just because i've made him a faller, but this is exactly what he is - boom or bust! Round one, we saw vintage Rich at his best, scoring 118 GDS fantasy points. His scores since then prove that his is just too erratic of a scorer to start. 59 GDS fantasy points in round two, missed the next two games with an injury and then came back to score 56 GDS fantasy points in round 5. As I said, he's more than capable of coming out and lighting it up in round 6 for 150+ GDS fantasy points, but he's also just as capable of coming out and scoring just 60. He's too risky and a sit rest-of-year for me.



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