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  • Hayden Kaer

GameDay Squad: What Are The Chances You'll Pack A Legend?

In GameDay Squad, every player has the same amount of Player Cards as any other player. Each player comes in six different rarities, with rarer cards offering greater score multipliers on that player's fantasy score. The six rarities and score multipliers of player cards are: Bronze (x1.0), Silver (x1.1), Gold (x1.2), Platinum (x1.3), Diamond (x1.4) & Legend (x1.5). So, how likely are you to pull the rarest cards in GameDay Squad from the different Player Packs?

Common Player Packs

The Common Player Pack has a higher likelihood of yielding Silver and Gold Player Cards, while Bronze Player Cards are exclusively available in Starter Player Packs. This pack is ideal for those seeking to participate in the Classic (Capped) competition. Common Player Packs only offer a 0.01% chance per card to obtain a Legend Player Card, however some enthusiastic coaches have already shared their excitement after pulling a Legend from Common Player Packs on the GameDay Squad Discord. Come and join the community and share your pack openings using this link:

Rare Player Packs

Rare Player Packs do not offer Bronze or Silver Player Cards, but they provide a very high chance of pulling mostly Gold Player Cards. This also makes Rare Player Packs a great option for those competing in the Classic (Capped) competition, where top-quality Gold Player Cards are in high demand. These packs also provide a slightly better opportunity to pull a Legend Player Card compared to Common Player Packs, with a 0.03% chance per card to pull a Legend.

Unique Player Packs

The Unique Player Pack is the most premium pack available on GameDay Squad and caters to coaches participating in the Champion (Open) competition. These packs offer the greatest probability of obtaining Platinum Player Cards. GameDay Squad plans to introduce additional competitions in the future which will enhance the value and usability of these Platinum Player Cards. The Unique Player Pack offers a greatly enhanced chance of pulling a Legend Player Card compared to Common & Rare Player Packs, with a 0.17% chance per card to pull a Legend. This makes Unique Player Packs the ultimate choice for the Legend hunters out there!

Disclaimer: The % pull rates of Player Card rarities found in Player Packs are estimates only, as they will technically change minimally with every Player Pack that is opened.

Pulling a GameDay Squad Legend Player Card is tough to do, but owning a Legend puts you in an exclusive group of individuals. These unique assets offer the highest Player Score Multiplier possible in GameDay Squad, which brings lesser known players into fantasy relevance and transforms established fantasy studs into superstars. We are also planning to expand the usefulness of Legend Player Cards by granting owners access to exclusive bonuses and privileges within the GameDay Squad ecosystem. This includes perks like discounts and VIP treatment at live events, making Legend Player Cards even more valuable. Therefore, even if you happen to pack a Legend that could never be fielded, it doesn't mean that it's worthless!



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