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GameDay Squad Women's Fantasy Footy - 2023 Team Reviews Pt.1

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

GameDay Squad is exited to be launching our very own Women's Fantasy Footy game on to the platform! To complement the launch, we will be releasing team reviews for each of the 18 teams and highlighting some key players that you need to keep an eye on over the course of the 2023 pre-season! So without further delay, let's kick things off with the Adelaide Crows, Brisbane Lions and the Carlton Blues! Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels: twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Adelaide Crows


Adelaide were one of the founding teams in AFLW Season 1 and have a rich history of success. They have been crowned premiers in 3 of the 7 seasons so far and were champions as recently as season 6. This success comes through a foundation of some excellent players who you should be considering in your side.

Player Scouting:

Name: Caitlin Gould

Position: Ruck

Season 7 average: 75.8

Review: Caitlin was one of the premium ruck options last season, but the recruitment of Jess Allen may have her spending more time forward. Watch this space to see how her scoring is impacted.

Name: Ebony Marinoff

Position: Midfield

Season 7 average: 133.1

Review: Marinoff is one of the premium midfielders of the competition. She had surgery during the offseason but that shouldn’t impact her scoring. Lock if you can!

Name: Anne Hatchard

Position: Midfield

Season 7 average: 114.4

Review: Hatchard is a consistent scorer who only dropped below 100 once last season. If she could turn some of her handballs into kicks she could move into the elite tier.

Points conceded:

Due to Adelaide’s dominance, the ball tends to spend a lot of time in their forward line. This means they conceded the most GDS points to opposition defenders out of all 18 sides last season. In contrast they were the 3rd hardest team to score against for midfielders and 2nd hardest for rucks.

Brisbane Lions


Brisbane are another of the founding 8 teams from Season 1. They have made the Grand Final in 4 of the 7 seasons so far but have only managed 1 premiership. Although they don’t have any of the elite fantasy scorers, they have a lot of consistent players which has helped in their success.

Player Scouting:

Name: Tahlia Hickie

Position: Ruck

Season 7 average: 70.7

Review: Probably not a set and forget kind of ruck but has the capacity to score big in the right match up. Round 1 and 3 are looking tasty.

Name: Ally Anderson

Position: Midfield

Season 7 average: 107.9

Review: Seasons 7 Best and Fairest for good reason. Fantasy wise started the year slow but came home with some massive scores as high as 162.

Name: Sophie Conway

Position: Forward

Season 7 average: 65.8

Review: With the departure of last years overall leading goal scorer, opportunities might increase in the Brisbane forward line. It all depends how Brisbane restructure.

Points conceded:

Brisbane are consistently one of the hardest teams to score against in all 4 positions. If you’re playing based on matchups, maybe avoid teams playing Brisbane this season.

Carlton Blues


Also a founding team, Carlton haven’t seen the success that Adelaide and Brisbane have had. Carltons list has a lot of young exciting players who are perfect for a dynasty platform. Hard to say what they’ll achieve this year but lots to be excited about.

Player Scouting:

Name: Breann Moody

Position: Ruck

Season 7 average: 88.2

Review: The highest scoring ruck for 2 seasons in a row. She won’t be the highest every week but if you’re looking for a set and forget option she can’t be beaten.

Name: Abbie McKay

Position: Midfield

Season 7 average: 91

Review: Reasonably consistent scorer with a few dips. Not in that elite tier yet but she’s only 22. Keep an eye on her through the first few rounds.

Name: Mimi Hill

Position: Midfield

Season 7 average: 87.9

Review: Came back strong after a ruptured ACL in Season 6. Only 20 years old so another one to keep an eye on for the future.

Point conceded:

Carlton sit in the middle of the pack for most positions in terms of GDS points conceded. The only exception being against rucks where, thanks to Moody, they are one of the harder teams to score against.



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