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  • Praneet Namakal

JUST BUY FIFITA! - NRL Fantasy 2022 Guide: Top 5 Middle/Edge Forwards

David Fifita (EDG)

David Fifita had some of the most contrasting performances throughout the NRL. On his day, he looked like he was playing a different game to the rest however, there were games where you forgot he was even on the field. Yet putting this into perspective, this was only Fifita’s third full season in the NRL and he is only 21. On top of this, statistically, this was Fifita’s best season with a league-high 155 tackle breaks and 17 tries (the first forward to do so since Steve Menzies in 1998). The increased scrutiny comes from his staggering $1.2 million a season and was amplified by his struggles with injury and form in the second half of the season. Yet statistically Fifita is delivering and looks to improve on his 2021 season with another big jump in performance as he has done year on year to challenge Cleary and Turbo for the top Fantasy spots. At his best, no other forward comes close.

Payne Haas (MID)

Haas continued to be a shining light in a struggling Broncos outfit throughout 2021. Disregarding his final game of 2021 where he only managed 24 mins, he continued to produce strong Fantasy numbers with an average of 34.7 tackles a game and 171.6 metres a game. What separates him from those further below him on this list are his low missed tackles and errors with only 0.9 and 0.2 on average respectively. A consistent workhorse who brought his best in 2021 looks to do more of the same in 2022 and is a set and forget option for coaches.

Angus Crichton (MID/EDG)

Unlike any of the others on this list, Crichton has dual position status allowing him to provide greater depth to your roster. Like those above, Crichton also brings those strong replicable statistics in tackles (average: 32) and running metres (146.5). What places him lower on the list is his tendency to miss tackles, with an average of 2.6 per game eating into his point-scoring.

Cameron Murray (MID)

In a record-breaking season for the Souths, Murray produced strong performances once again and was an integral part of their run to the final. Excluding his injury affected game in Round 8, and a single week in the second row, Murray also brings those strong base stats in tackles (average: 38.2) and running metres (127.9). Another consistent option that will be a valuable addition to any team.

Cameron McInnes (MID)

If this was a review of the 2020 season, McInnes would be a top 5 fantasy player overall. In that season, he averaged over 50 tackles and almost 150 metres a game. These consistent statistics saw him rise to the top tier of NRL Fantasy. However, this is now 2022, and things have changed. There is the move from the Dragons to the Sharks and it's uncertain what his role will be. However, the main concern with McInnes is that his last game played was on the 12th of September 2020 due to an ACL injury in early 2021. This means it has been over a year since he has played, and he may be eased into the game with lower minutes in his first couple of stints. Therefore, it may be worth watching and waiting with McInnes before picking him up.

Notable mention: Tohu Harris (MID/EDG)

If Tohu wasn’t injured, he would be placed second on this list, a workhorse who churns out those reliable tackles and gains metres consistently whilst also bringing that dual position status. Look to pick him up in the weeks after his return from injury.


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