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  • Liam Kermode

AFL Fantasy Team Preview - Greater Western Sydney Giants

Welcome to all GameDay Squad coaches, AFL fantasy coaches, AFL fans or just the curious. GameDay Squad is going to be releasing a series of AFL seasonal reviews that will provide you with all the fantasy insight and recommendations your heart desires. We are just weeks away from the commencement of the 2023 AFL season and if you are late to the party and haven’t done your fantasy research, let GameDay Squad handle that for you. Enjoy this installation of fantasy breakdowns for the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Stephen Coniglio, Tom Green and harry Himmelberg ahead of the 2023 AFL fantasy season

Must start player:

Stephen Coniglio benefits greatly from gaining forward status in GameDay Squad footy for season 2023. The Greater Western Sydney star returned to form in a massive way last year, taking his lousy 2021 GDS average of just 71 points per game to a whopping 115 GDS points per game! Ranking him 29th overall league-wide on a points-per-game average. Coniglio being listed as a forward this year makes him an absolute must-start, and although he is a forward this year in GameDay Squad Footy - make no mistake! He's going to get his CBA's. I have Coniglio as my 2nd ranked forward overall behind Brisbane's Josh Dunkley, so if you own him make sure he's lined up in the forward line for you come mid-March!

Stephen Coniglio Diamond GameDay Squad player card

Dream legend card:

Possibly the easiest legend card pick I've personally had in this series and it's young, budding superstar Tom Green. The Giants academy product in former 10th overall pick has been waiting and waiting for his time to shine and if everything continues to progress in the right direction, he'll finally get that opportunity! Some spots in the guts have opened up for Green with a couple of big-name trades like Tim Taranto and Jacob Hopper leaving for Richmond, finally allowing for Green to get a good stint in the midfield for the Giants. Green started like a house on fire in 2022, scoring 100+ GDS fantasy points in 5 of his first 6 games. Expect Tom Green to mirror that but keep the consistency going in 2023, as he looks to cement himself amongst the best youngsters in the game.

Tom Green Legend GameDay Squad player card

Avoid this Bust:

All news being reported regarding Harry Himmelberg points to him returning to a full-time forward role in 2023. Much to the chagrin of the fantasy footy community and Himmelberg owners but as coaches and players keep telling us "we don't care about your fantasy teams!", smh... Anyway, when Himmelberg is deployed down back he's a top 15, borderline top 10 player in the fantasy forwards position, simple. However, when Himmelberg is stashed up front for GWS, he's barely even startable in good matchups. We hope the reports are wrong! But if there's any truth behind them and Himmelberg is in fact playing up front this year, we can kiss any value he has goodbye!

Harry Himmelberg Bronze GameDay Squad player card

Value on the rise:

With every move on an AFL field, there's a good and a bad. Himmelberg moving back to the forward line might suck for Himmelberg and his owners but the move opens up some more freedom for gun half-back flanker Isaac Cumming. Cumming was great for those who own his card last year, finishing the year with an average of 110 GDS fantasy points per game which ranked him 12th amongst defenders. With some more projected responsibility down back in 2023, expect Cumming to push into the top-8 amongst defenders this season, and with that push will come a push in value as well.

Issac Cumming Gold GameDay Squad player card

Value on the decline:

Position changes in fantasy are a funny thing...While the likes of Stephen Coniglio gained a fantasy-friendly position change, Lachie Whitfield wasn't so lucky this off-season! Lachie lost his defender status and will go into 2023 as a midfielder in 2023. A change that is sure to dissatisfy Whitfield owners and will more than likely bruise his value quite a lot. Whitfield goes from arguably being a top-15 defender to a midfielder who barely scrapes the top-30 at the position. He'll still be one to keep an eye on! There's every chance you might find him on the cheap

Lachie Whitfield Silver GameDay Squad player card

2023 Hot take:

Recently appointed as the sole captain for GWS, Toby Greene takes the role seriously and goes the entire season without receiving a single suspension or tribunal appearance


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