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The Gameday Squad Bug Bounty program is a unique initiative aimed at improving the security and stability of our platform.

We believe that security is a collective responsibility and we invite the global ethical hacker community to help us identify and report vulnerabilities. Participants can earn recognition and rewards for their efforts, and contribute to making our platform more secure for everyone.

We are committed to working closely with researchers to quickly resolve any issues that are reported, and we have implemented a robust and transparent process to manage the submissions. Join us in our mission to create a safer and more secure platform for everyone.

Gameday Squad values the contributions of the ethical hacking community and is proud to offer rewards to individuals who help us identify and fix security vulnerabilities in our platform. Participants in our bug bounty program will be rewarded with exclusive packs in our fantasy sports platform, based on the severity of the issue they report. The rewards for low, medium, high, and critical severity bugs are outlined in the following table:

GDS bug bounty table 8-11-23.PNG

We encourage all security researchers to participate in our bug bounty program and help us make our platform more secure. By working together, we can build a safer and more reliable platform for everyone.

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