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How To Play 

Open Packs To Find Players

Build your squad with player cards found in four tiers of packs: Starter, Common, Rare, and Unique. Coaches receive free starter packs to build their team upon signing up, and weekly reward packs.

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Types Of Player Cards

There are six rarities of player cards and every player is available in every rarity. Each rarity has a different score multiplier and unique number of cards available to find. 

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Manage Your Squad

With a brand new way to play fantasy sport, comes a unique set of squad management rules in place for our  sprint competitions.


Rules include the ability to make unlimited changes teams, no emergency players,

and no captains! 

Earning Points For Your Squad

Earn points for your squad based on real-life statistics, which are converted into fantasy points. 

The better the players you have in your squad perform in real life, the more points your squad scores! 


Oh, and let's not forget about those score multipliers we mentioned before on our player cards.


Check out what stats from AFL and NRL will earn each of your players

Salary Cap Export.png

Salary Cap

Unlike traditional fantasy platforms, we have adopted a unique salary cap system.


A player's salary cap hit is determined only by the rarity of their card, which will never be affected by past or future performances. The overall salary cost of a coach's team will be used to determine what competitions they are allowed to play in.

Competition Types

capped and open leagues.png

In 2023, we have two competitions for both our Aussie Rules and Rugby League games.


While both the Classic and Champion Leagues will follow mostly the same rules, the Classic league includes a team salary cap restriction which will allow for fair competition amongst all coaches, regardless of your budget.

capped and open leagues.png

Compete Weekly

With a focus on weekly competitions, it's never too late to get started.  


We also wouldn't want one rough week to get in the way of your chances to win rewards. 

With unlimited swaps and a rolling lockout, you can change your Squad week-to-week.

Rewards Export.png

Win Rewards

Competing and finishing weekly in the top 20 of either the Classic or Champion league will see you take home some great prizes. Each round, first to third place receive cash prizes, while fourth to 20th receive player packs!

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