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  • Gus Lukes

Introduction to GameDay Squad's Rugby League Scoring

Updated: Apr 30

With the launch of our new fantasy sports platform, GameDay Squad, just around the corner, it's time to get #GamedayReady for the 2022 NRL season.

An introduction into GameDay Squads NRL fantasy 2022 scoring system


  • Our stats providers, Stats Perform are the official data providers for the NRL.

  • We created our own scoring model from the ground up to ensure we did not breach the intellectual property of competitor fantasy sports platforms.

  • We reserve the right to change the scoring framework from season to season, including in the lead up to the 2022 Season.


In 2022, points will be awarded to players in your Rugby League GameDay Squad team as follows:

  • Try -10 points (Vs 8 NRL Fantasy)

  • Goal - 3 points (Vs 2 NRL Fantasy)

  • 1-Point Field Goal - 4 points (Vs 5 NRL Fantasy)

  • 2-Point Field Goal - 6 points (Vs 5 NRL Fantasy)

  • Try Assist - 6 points (Vs 5 NRL Fantasy)

  • Line Break - 4 points (Vs 4 NRL Fantasy)

  • Line Break Assist - 3 points (Vs 2 NRL Fantasy)

  • Tackle - 1 point (Vs 1 NRL Fantasy)

  • Tackle Break - 3 points (Vs 3 NRL Fantasy)

  • Missed Tackle - (-3) points (Vs -2 NRL Fantasy)

  • Offload - 2 points (Vs 2 NRL Fantasy)

  • Error - (-4) points (Vs -2 NRL Fantasy)

  • 40/20 or 20/40 Kick - 5 points (Vs 4 NRL Fantasy)

  • Metres Gained - 1 point for every 10 metres (Vs 1 NRL Fantasy)

  • Kicking Metres - 1 point for every 30 metres (Vs 1 NRL Fantasy)

  • Penalty - (-4) points (Vs -2 NRL Fantasy)

  • Sin-Bin - (-6) points (Vs -5 NRL Fantasy)

  • Send-Off - (-12) points (Vs -10 NRL Fantasy)

  • Try Save - 6 points (Vs 5 NRL Fantasy)

  • Kick Defused - 2 points (Vs 1 NRL Fantasy)

  • Forced Drop-Out - 3 points (Vs 2 NRL Fantasy)

  • Forced Turnover - 5 points (Vs 4 NRL Fantasy)

2021 Review

Using NRL Fantasy as the baseline (as the same stats were used), we analysed which players would have been the GameDay Squad guns throughout the 2021 NRL season.

Note: Finals games have been included in calculating GDS season averages.

Top 10 Players by Average Score:

  1. Nathan Cleary - 90 points (1st in NRL Fantasy)

  2. Tom Trbojevic - 89 points (2nd)

  3. David Fifita - 65 points (4th)

  4. Daly Cherry-Evans - 65 points (3rd)

  5. Reed Mahoney - 61 points (9th)

  6. Payne Haas - 61 points (7th)

  7. Isaiah Papali'i - 60 points (6th)

  8. James Tedesco - 60 points (16th)

  9. Luke Keary - 59 points (5th)

  10. Brian To'o - 59 points (14th)

We’ve also looked at the top 3 players in each position.


  1. Reed Mahoney (5th GameDay Squad Overall vs 9th NRL Fantasy)

  2. Damien Cook (13th vs 13th)

  3. Jayden Brailey (21st vs 21st)

Middle Forwards

  1. Payne Haas (6th GameDay Squad Overall vs 7th NRL Fantasy)

  2. Isaiah Papali'I (7th vs 6th)

  3. Tohu Harris (18th vs 15th)

Edge Forwards

  1. David Fifita (3rd GameDay Squad Overall vs 4th NRL Fantasy)

  2. Angus Crichton (15th vs 11th)

  3. Tyson Frizell (20th vs 20th)


  1. Nathan Cleary (1st GameDay Squad Overall vs 1st NRL Fantasy)

  2. Daly Cherry-Evans (4th vs 3rd)

  3. Luke Keary (9th vs 5th)


  1. Adam Doueihi (24th GameDay Squad Overall vs 25th NRL Fantasy)

  2. Kotoni Staggs (46th vs 63rd)

  3. Dane Gagai (52nd vs 75th)

Wingers & Fullbacks

  1. Tom Trbojevic (2nd GameDay Squad Overall vs 2nd NRL Fantasy)

  2. James Tedesco (8th vs 16th)

  3. Brian To'o (10th vs 14th)

Winners and Losers

Winner - Gun Wingers & Fullbacks

Elite wingers and fullbacks of the NRL are genuine beneficiaries of the GDS scoring system. With 10 points for tries, 6 points for try assists and 2 points for kick defusals, Tommy Turbo, Teddy and To’o are hot favourites to lead the pack in 2022.

Loser - Error-Prone Halves

Halves are reliable because of the kick metres, right? Those days are over. Kick metres are still important, but you better hope they hold onto the Steeden! With errors at -4 points, you’ll want to make sure your halves are rock solid with the ball in hand.

Winner - Reliable Workhorses

Everyone loves a durable workhorse in the engine room. As we know, some (Haas, iPap & Tohu) are more reliable than others. Missed tackles (-3) and errors (-4) are penalised heavily. The cream will rise to the top.

Loser - Loose Cannons

Let’s face it… At times, the big boys show signs of ill discipline. The demerits attached to penalties (-4), sin-bins (-6) and send-offs (-12) could derail your entire week. Best to avoid those prone to a brain snap.

Winners - You!

If you're reading this then you are lucky enough to be one of the first coaches to hear about our GameDay Squad Fantasy platform, which means you have the chance to get a head start on your peers in building out your premiership-winning team. For more information about how our game will work, when we kick-off, and why the introduction of the blockchain will revolutionise your fantasy sports experience, check out the how-to-play page.

We look forward to competing with you all for premiership glory!


GameDay Squad is an NFT fantasy sports platform that is being released for the 2022 AFL and NRL season. Subscribe below to keep up to date with all things GameDay Squad and NFTs in sport.


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