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Introduction to GameDay Squad's Aussie Rules Scoring

Updated: Apr 30

With the launch of our new fantasy sports platform, GameDay Squad, just months away, it's time to get #GamedayReady for the 2022 AFL season.

To help get coaches planning for the 2022 AFL fantasy season and beyond, we have released the scoring system Gameday Squad (GDS) will use for the 2022 season.


  • We have chosen to use the following stats to power the game as they are the ones provided to us by our stats providers, Stats Perform.

  • We had to create our own scoring model from the ground up to ensure we did not breach the intellectual property of competitor fantasy sports platforms.

  • We reserve the right to change the scoring framework from season to season, including in the lead up to the 2022 Season.


The Australian Football GameDay scoring for 2022 is as follows:

  • Kick - 4 points (Vs 3 AFL Fantasy)

  • Handball - 2 points (Vs 2 AFL Fantasy)

  • Mark - 3 points (Vs 3 AFL Fantasy)

  • Tackle - 4 points (Vs 4 AFL Fantasy)

  • Hit Outs - 1 point (1 AFL Fantasy)

  • Goal - 8 points (Vs 6 AFL Fantasy)

  • Behind - 0 points (Vs 1 AFL Fantasy)

  • Free For - 2 points (Vs 1 AFL Fantasy)

  • Free Against - (-2) points (Vs -3 AFL Fantasy)

2021 Review

Using AFL fantasy as the baseline (due to the same stats being used) we have gone back and analysed which players would have been the stars of the 2021 AFL GameDay Squad season.

Note: Finals games have been included in calculating GDS season averages

Top 10 Players by average score:

  1. Touk Miller - 140 point average (1st AFL fantasy)

  2. Jack Steele - 139 points (2nd)

  3. Jack Macrae - 135 points (4th)

  4. Jarryd Lyons - 135 points (3rd)

  5. Tom Mitchell - 131 points (5th)

  6. Aaron Hall - 131 points (12th)

  7. Christian Petracca - 130 points (8th)

  8. Ollie Wines - 129 points (6th)

  9. Zach Merrett - 128 points (9th)

  10. Rory Laird - 127 points (7th)

Noting that all players other than Aaron Hall are midfielders, we also took a dive into the top 3 for forwards, defenders and rucks


  1. Toby Green - 101 points (80th Gameday Squad overall vs 105th AFL Fantasy)

  2. Jaidyn Stephenson - 100 points (89th overall vs 90th)

  3. Isaac Heeney - 91 (133rd vs 142nd)


  1. Aaron Hall - 131 points (6th vs 13th)

  2. Jack Ziebell - 121 points (21st vs 28th)

  3. Daniel Rich - 120 points (22nd vs 34th)


  1. Max Gawn - 125 points (15th vs 9th)

  2. Brodie Grundy - 118 points (27th vs 18th)

  3. Sean Darcy - 103 points (67th vs 48th)

Winners and Losers

Winner - Goal scoring forwards

With goals worth 8 points in GDS, we will see the lowest scoring group of players from AFL fantasy benefit the most. Key forwards who have the potential to kick a bag can now be considered as a serious fantasy team starter after years of AFL fantasy neglect.

Loser - Low disposal Ruckman

With kicking the footy now more important than ever, ruckman are going to see those around them rack up points than ever before. While some may benefit from the increase in goals, those who don't impact the scoreboard or who aren’t comfortable putting the ball on the toe may be left behind.

Winner - Defenders who take kick ins

No position kicks the ball more in proportion than defenders, so the 4 points they will get for each is sure to have some of them fighting the mids for most points on the ground. While most defenders should benefit, none will do more so than those who take their team's majority of kick-ins. They are now sure to see their value skyrocket.

Losers - Midfielders who don't hit the scoreboard

It's true midfielders will dominate most AFL fantasy games regardless of how you design the scoring system, however, with GDS those who don't find themselves kicking goals will soon see themselves lose their place to those who do.

Winners - You

If you're reading this then you are lucky enough to be one of the first coaches to hear about our GameDay Squad Fantasy platform, which means you have the chance to get a head start on your peers in building out your premiership-winning team. For more information about how our game will work, when we kick off, and why the introduction of the blockchain will revolutionise your fantasy sports experience, check out the how to play page.

We look forward to competing with you all for premiership glory!


GameDay Squad is an NFT fantasy sports platform that is being released for the 2022 AFL and NRL season. Subscribe below to keep up to date with all things GameDay Squad and NFTs in sport.

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