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Despite the Tigers suffering a controversial loss on the buzzer, the team produced the surprise packet of the year in Daine Laurie who scored 98 points fueled by 12 tackle busts and 4 try savers. Meanwhile, Tedesco and Haas scored 88 and 83 points respectively, simply confirming their gun status and leaving coaches without them scrambling for the cash. Round 20 is the final week before head-to-head finals, so spend your trades if you need to secure your finals berth.

David Fifita and Payne Haas return!


Whether you’re playing head-to-head or overall, look to load up on keepers for the final run home and the cash-outs to fund them.

David Fifita (EDG) - 9.4% Ownership - $660k

Early in the game against the Bulldogs, Fifita was largely out of the action, yet a late first-half try saw him walk into the break on 22 points leaving fans wondering. The second half looked largely innocuous too, but he left the field with 63 points to his name. More importantly, it was the second 80-minute game in a row, putting an end to the shenanigans early in the season where he started from the bench/played centre. Historically, when playing over 70 minutes in the second row, he has averaged 63.2 points a game. So, snap him up for the run home.

Payne Haas (MID) - 24.8% Ownership - $702k

Haas proved his doubters wrong in his return with a try, 9 tackle busts and over 200 metres run on his way to a mammoth 83 points. It’s easy to forget how Haas was the predominant captaincy option early in the season with an average of 70 in his first 6 rounds of the season. A couple of games off have allowed him to rest up and come back stronger, at the price he is an absolute steal for a player who could potentially even have the highest average for the rest of the season.

Moses Mbye (CTR/WFB) - 4.9% Ownership - $222k

A previous injury to Moses Suli saw the utility get the starting centre spot for the season. Yet a 2-week injury to Cody Ramsey sees him shift to the vacant fullback spot. At 222K with a starting position guaranteed, Mbye looks to be the obvious cash out for the week that can also cover for both CTR and WFB.


Falling guns continue to populate the ones to watch, with numerous potential keepers coming to the fore.

Reed Mahoney (HOK) - 10.3% Ownership - $628k

A sub-par 5-round average of 44.6 for Mahoney has been masked by 2 tries, 2 try savers and 2 try assists. Taking these out of the equation sees his average drop to a measly 37.4. This is a stark difference from rounds 6-12 where he scored 50+ points in all but one game. The distinct drop-off can be attributed to an increase in errors (1.4 per game) and missed tackles (4.8 per game) over the last 5 rounds. For a hooker that attributes his scores largely in the form of base stats, such lapses can be costly, and if possible, coaches should be looking to upgrade. But with trades hard to come by, it may be worth waiting a week to see if his fortunes turn around.

Erin Clark (HOK) - 2.4% Ownership - $608k

Now here is an intriguing option, with a dearth of secondary hooker options, in comes Erin Clark. A shift to the lock position has taken his game to new heights. A 2-round average of 67 puts him up there with the best. Now coming into Round 20, he has displaced Tino for the starting lock role. At 608K for those without a secondary hooker, he proves to be a unique POD, but it may be worth waiting a week to confirm whether he is the real deal.

Reuben Cotter (HOK/MID) - 5.4% Ownership - $758k

An injury has derailed the middle of the 2022 season for Cotter. But his return to the reserves proves to be interesting, particularly for those looking for the unique cover of hooker and middle. At 758K, he has likely priced himself out of other more enticing options. But if he is eased back into minutes, he may find himself at a much more reasonable price for coaches to grab him up as a key POD towards the end of the season.


Cody Ramsey (WFB) - 6.1% Ownership - $453k

An injury sees him out for 2 weeks and he has made his cash, so a straight swap to the new Dragons fullback in Moses Mbye would free up some cash for further upgrades.

Stephen Crichton (CTR/WFB) - 26.5% Ownership - $532k

A massive clash with Dale Finucane will see him require plastic surgery. If he isn’t in your starting 17, he may be worth holding, otherwise, sell.

Kalyn Ponga (HLF) - 7% Ownership - $461k

An unfortunate potentially season-ending head knock for Ponga makes him a sell.


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