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GameDay Squad Women's Aussie Rules Fantasy: Round 3 Trading Targets

With the round 2 lockout now lifted in the inaugural GameDay Squad Women's Aussie Rules competition, I’m sure there will be a lot of coaches looking to mix things up with their lineup. The beauty of the GameDay Squad platform is that you can make as many trades as you’d like each week as long as you have the cards, which is a great thing if used wisely, but can also result in a lot of panic trades that result in even more frustration. So, use this buy, sell and hold article as a guide to help you navigate your way through the constant Women's Aussie Rules action!

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Laura Gardiner (Sydney, Forward, Ave: 139.67)

Laura Gardiner might be the most important GameDay Squad players in the competition. Yes, there are other players averaging higher than her (not many), but she occupies one of the forward slots in our teams which are notoriously harder to fill. With an average of 139.67 she would still be making the field if she was listed as a midfielder so let’s make the most of this season as a forward. She’ll be coming up against a young West Coast side this week as well, so all signs point to another big score. It’s crazy to think she only averaged 58 and 52 in season 6 and 7 so the move up north to Sydney this year has been incredible for her.

Ally Morphett (Sydney, Ruck, Ave: 109.67)

Ally Morphett is another player who has burst onto the scene in season 8. She’s comfortably the highest averaging ruck by almost 20 points and look to be dominating this space. She’s happy finding the ball although currently not the cleanest user (but who cares, given a clanger kick is still +4) but a lot of her points will come from her hit out dominance. Somehow, she only averaged 39 and 54 in season 6 and 7 so I imagine her price will have skyrocketed since then.

AFL Fantasy Trading Targets


Tayla Harris (Melbourne, Forward, Ave: 68.67)

Tayla Harris has historically been one of the dominant forces in AFLW but unfortunately that time looks to be coming to an end. She’s still a classy player with a wealth of experience but I can’t see her keeping pace with some of the other fantasy forward options. The crazy part is her average of around 70 isn’t that far below her previous efforts, which would have been enough to make her a good option, but the standard of scorers has lifted dramatically in season 8 meaning her ceiling is probably still below the average of others option.

Maddi Gay (Melbourne, Defender, Ave: 63.67)

Gay is another historical fantasy scoring gem who I’m struggling to justify playing in season 8. I had her as a hold last round but after being “managed” this week it raises a red flag for me. Its round 4 of a 10 round season so its difficult to invest in an inconsistent starter who isn’t even scoring that well. Keep an eye on her because she may bounce back strong, but the season is too short to be taking these kind of risks.

AFL Fantasy Trading Targets


Ash Riddell (North Melbourne, Midfield, Ave: 127.33)

I really hope you don’t need to hear this but please don’t give up on Riddell after one disappointing score. Yes, it was the first week I’ve brought her into my side and yes, I spent a pretty penny on her but I’m still confident it was a great investment. She does come up against Brisbane this week which will be another challenge for her but after that she has a run of very tasty fixtures. We saw what she’s capable with in round 2 with a massive 174 so I’m not worried.

Mim Strom (Fremantle, Ruck, Ave: 90)

For rucks, Fremantle probably have the best fixture lineup possible. For that reason I targeted Mim Strom as my set and forget ruck this pre season and for the most part, its paid off. Even with a score of 63, the young ruck is still having a breakout season. Yes, Moody and Seymour seem to have gotten their seasons back on track, but Strom is still sitting as the number 2 ruck in the competition. Sure, if


The information contained in the article is not intended and should not be understood or construed as financial advice. As always please do your own research, my placing history suggests you should absolutely do your own research!

AFL Fantasy Trading Targets


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