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Fantasy Sport Reimagined

GameDay Squad will revolutionise how people play fantasy sports.
The integration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into fantasy sport will unlock the ability for coaches to own digital player cards that are usable in-game, with no two cards the same.
GameDay Squad is launching late 2021 with a platform unlike anything else currently in the Australian market.

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Image by Edgar Pimenta


Crowd in the Stadium

And many more to come...

Fantasy Sports The GameDay Way


Build your ultimate squad by purchasing player packs, participating in peer-to-peer transactions, making trades, and much more!


Compete in the free-to-play dynasty league with weekly, seasonal and squad building challenges to keep you in the game all year round.


Earn in-game currency from games to purchase in-game and external prizes.

How NFTs Change The Game


NFTs allow for coaches to use their very own digital trading cards on our fantasy sport platform. No blockchain knowledge or experience is necessary to play GameDay Squad!


The destiny of your team is in your hands. Will you play for the Premiership this season? Build a team of future stars through the draft and rookies? Or be clever enough to do both at the same time?


Our fully integrated peer-to-peer transfer market allows coaches to buy and sell NFT player cards with fiat currency.