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Women's Aussie Rules

Fantasy Sports Reimagined


Transfer Market

The GameDay Squad Transfer Market is your one-stop destination for all your buying, selling, and trading card needs! Here, coaches can engage in thrilling player card auctions, acquire their favorite players, set their own prices for selling player cards, and engage in exciting trades with fellow coaches! All within the GameDay Squad platform!



GameDay Squad welcomes sports enthusiasts of all levels to join in the excitement! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, you can dive into your favorite fantasy sport and strive to become the ultimate coach! GameDay Squad coaches have the freedom to choose which competition they would like to compete in covered by our competition Salary Caps!


Player Cards

Player cards are the heart of the GameDay Squad platform.  Collect your favorite players and build your ultimate GameDay Squad with the best player cards. Own them for ever and acompete them with every single round! Player Cards have multiplete rarities and enter the GameDay Squad platform via player card packs and 


Dynasty Sports

Our dynasty-style fantasy sports product revolutionises the market by enabling coaches to keep player cards from season to season, fostering true ownership and long-term team building. This approach provides a deeper sense of satisfaction as coaches witness their teams evolve and succeed over time, offering a unique and rewarding fantasy experience.


Free to Play 

GameDay Squad is a free to play platform for sports enthusiasts to engage in fantasy sports. Compete against the top fantasy coaches globally across various sports on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis. Coaches kickstart their journey with complimentary bronze player cards and receive additional free cards either daily or weekly, depending on the code, simply by participating in competitions



GameDay Squad offers some of the most lucrative and rewarding prizes in the all of fantasy sports worldwide! Our dedicated coaches can compete for daily, weekly, and seasonal rewards, including cash prizes, player card packs, rare player cards, and much more! Join us to experience the thrill and excitement of competing more than just bragging rights on GameDay Squad!

The Best Prizes In The Game!

  • What is GameDay Squad?
    GameDay Squad follows the traditional fantasy approach of leveraging in-game stats to apply scores to players. Coaches select a squad of players each week and their individual scores aggregate to determine the team's overall score. GameDay Squad differentiates from the conventional fantasy game through the use of player ‘cards’ as opposed to selecting from a player pool in traditional Australian fantasy sports. Another aspect in which GameDay Squad separates itself from traditional fantasy sports is that GameDay Squad is solely a dynasty fantasy sports platform.
  • Is GameDay Squad free-to-play?
    Yes! GameDay Squad is free-to-play and free to win ! Users receive free packs weekly just for logging on and interacting with the platform, there is never a need to buy anything within the platform if the user doesn’t wish to.
  • What is dynasty fantasy sports?
    Dynasty fantasy sports allow you to retain your player cards from season to season. We offer a product that is very different to traditional fantasy sports and unlike anything else in the global fantasy sports market. Enabling coaches to build a squad over time leads to a feeling of true ownership of your players and fantasy success is achieved with a greater sense of satisfaction.
  • How do I get player cards?
    Coach earn player card packs by logging onto the GameDay Squad platform every weekly and can also purchase additional player cards packs at anytime. Player cards can also be bought or traded on our peer-to-peer transfer market found on the GameDay Squad platform. Alternatively users can earn player card packs by using the referral system and keeping an eye on social media channels for competitions!
  • How do I get better cards?
    There are a few ways to improve the cards you own. The first is through purchasing player card packs! The only way player cards enter the platform is through player card packs, so that’s the most surefire way to improve your cards and chances of winning. Secondly, shopping on our new peer-to-peer transfer market! You can trade, buy or participate in live auctions, all on the GameDay Squad platform. Lastly, improving your team with free weekly packs by simply logging onto the platform.
  • Is there any way to get free packs?
    Yes! By simply interacting with the platform, users can earn free daily/weekly (depending on the sport) packs to help them improve their squads!
  • Do I decide the value of my player cards?
    Users get to decide the value of their cards! This means that they have the power and freedom to list their cards for however much or little they wish. Users also have the ability to dictate the value in trading discussions as well.
  • What are the different fantasy sports I can play?
    GameDay Squad hosts many different sports on the platform! Coaches can find Aussie Rules, Rugby League, Women’s Aussie Rules, Basketball and many Cricket competitions like World Cups , Australian Cricket and Indian Cricket!
  • Where can I find more in depth information about various different aspects of the GameDay Squad Platform?
    Our support documents is where all our most in depth and comprehensive information about all things GameDay Squad can be found! Check them out here:
  • Do you have a Mobile App?
    Yes! The GameDay Squad mobile apps can be found on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store now!
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