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  • Hayden Kaer

How GameDay Squad Is Changing The Fantasy Sports Game

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Fantasy Sport Is Well Overdue For A Make-Over

Here at GameDay Squad, we're revolutionising how fantasy sports are played through the integration of blockchain technology. This technology is set to fundamentally change the way that humans engage with one another on the Internet, through making it possible to truly own digital assets in an online environment. The term "Web 3" is used to describe this new layer of the Internet and is being built to accommodate digital assets such as Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies. Read on to find out how GameDay Squad is planning to use digital assets to disrupt traditional fantasy sports.


Digital Assets That Are Verifiably Scarce

Player cards that you receive from opening Common, Rare, and Unique GameDay Squad player packs are digital assets that you become the owner of. These digital assets are verifiably scarce and have the ability to be minted on the Polygon Proof-Of-Stake Blockchain.

The card # represents the sequential number in which that player was pulled from the player pool, starting from #1. This card number is tied to that digital asset.

Full Utility Of Your Assets On The GameDay Squad Platform

All of the GameDay Squad player cards are digital assets that have utility, through being eligible to used in fantasy sports competitions on the GameDay Squad platform. This utility includes the ability to buy, sell and trade these assets with other Coaches on our upcoming Transfer Market. For those blockchain veterans who want to be able to hold their assets in their own digital wallets, hold tight - this is a feature that we're working on implementing.

Transfer Market

The important part about owning your assets is that you decide what you do with them. GameDay Squad are developing a Peer-To-Peer Transfer Market that will allow Coaches to buy, sell and trade their digital assets with ease, right on the GameDay Squad platform. Remember, GameDay Squad is a dynasty-style fantasy sports game, so if you find a player card of a young gun it will be able to to be used for their entire career. We think this will lead to some interesting market dynamics and opportunities for those Coaches who have a knack for identifying young talent.

Special Cards

GameDay Squad are introducing special player cards through events like The Draft, Team Of The Year, seasonal rewards, and more. These special cards will have their own rarity, weighting, and score multiplier. Have a look at the cards we are giving out to those that come in the top ten of our seasonal capped and open league competitions.

In order to protect the score multiplier of Legend cards, GameDay Squad are committed to never releasing a special card at the 1.5x score multiplier or above.



Here at GameDay Squad, we're always thinking about how we can provide Coaches with more utility for their digital assets and how to improve their experience on our platform. These are just some of the ideas we are considering for the future:

Player Card Loaning

Got a really good card that you're not using but don't want to give it up? One of the things that we would love for our Coaches to be able to do is to loan out their player cards to other Coaches for an agreed upon time frame and payment.

Locker Room

Fantasy sport is all about bragging rights, and the Locker Room will be the place to do all of your boasting. We are planning to develop a space for you to show off your best cards, top scores, and other fun things that you want your friends to know about. This could be your new home page!

Fantasy Sport Events

At GameDay Squad we are mad about fantasy sports and want to build a large community of like-minded people. In the future, we hope to host in-person events for those fantasy sport fanatics. Owning particular player cards will make you eligible for special access or discounts to these events. Watch this space!

Cryptocurrency Payment Option

Those who own cryptocurrency are aware of how volatile the markets can be, which makes crypto challenging to use for its original purpose (currency). This isn't a feature we're working on right now, but in the future we'd love to allow Coaches to use cryptocurrency to purchase player packs and to possibly even be used as means of payment on the Transfer Market.

Utility Beyond Fantasy

Once a player retires they will no longer have any utility or value in relation to their fantasy sport output, but that doesn't mean that their player card becomes worthless. Being the owner of any Legend player card is a rare feat and we plan to offer Legend card owners special bonuses and privileges in the future. We're also planning to develop 'Squad Building' challenges ,in which you hand in a set of player cards to receive special rewards. You might need some of those retired players to complete the challenge!


So Much More!

We’ve had to stop ourselves from going overboard here or this article would get way too long. GameDay Squad is built by fantasy sports fans, for fantasy sports fans. The blockchain has given us a creative license to do some really fun things that just aren’t possible with regular fantasy sports. We’re always open to hearing suggestions and feedback from our Coaches - if you want to become part of the GameDay Squad community, come join us in our Discord using THIS link.


GameDay Squad is a new fantasy sports platform that uses blockchain technology. Register now to receive free starter packs to build your squad.

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