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League of Legends World Championship 2022 - Preview and Predictions

The League Of Legends World Championship Group Stage provided us with several sizzling battles including a few upsets and the China and Korea regions reminded us why they are the dominant powerhouses of the world. That is to say, except for exciting European Champions, Rogue, who have shown in this World’s campaign that they aren’t just there to make up the numbers. This Playoff series is set to be a fun one - Read on for GameDay Squad's Preview and Predictions of the 2022 LOL World Championship Finals Series.

Game Highlights You NEED To Go Watch:

(Must Watch)

The Main Contenders


Gen.G cleaned out their roster at the end of 2021 with only their long-term ADC, Ruler, surviving. This is now a star-studded super-team that boasts the title of ‘Team-To-Beat’ coming into this Championship after being crowned Summer Split LCK Champions following a 17-1 Summer Split. There are no weak spots in this team and their synergy is second to none. I’m expecting Gen.G to add the title of World Champions to their resume without needing to take any match to a Best-Of-Five.


T1 will go down as the best League Of Legends team of this era. Their ability to not just remain relevant, but to be a genuine contender in nearly each year of the past decade is seriously impressive. Faker’s status as the GOAT has already been confirmed with his 2013, 2015 and 2016 World Championships, but you feel like he’s still got one more in him before he retires. I don’t think it will be this year though I do think T1 will meet Gen.G in the final.

Outside Chance:


RNG had to get to the Play-Offs the hard way, having to qualify through the Play-Ins. This could prove to be a blessing in disguise as it allowed RNG to build up some confidence against less skilled opponents. Beating Gen.G in the Group Stage also won’t hurt them believe that they can go all the way. RNG’s roster is highly experienced and they know what to do with an opportunity if they’re presented with one. If RNG can somehow make it past T1 in the First Round of Playoffs, they should carry that momentum all the way through to the final.

Most Disappointing:

TOP Esports

TOP Esports are always exciting to watch because their bloodthirstiness results in some heart racing highlights with lots of kills, usually centered around JackeyLove. Whilst this makes them great to watch as a neutral observer, TOP Esports fans will be bitterly disappointed with their team’s performance at Worlds this year. They would be specifically disappointed with the overagression shown against GAM Esports that ultimately resulted in them missing the Playoffs this year (Seriously, go watch that match highlight!).

Quarterfinals Predictions:


-JDG 3 - 2

After recently cementing themselves as the new #1 Team from the Europe region, Rogue have looked like they belong at Worlds so far and they will come close to causing a huge upset in this match-up. JDG’s class should shine through here and they should be able to hold their nerve and get the job done.

T1 vs RNG

-T1 3 - 1

As mentioned above, T1 are such a dominant team and deserve to go in as favorites to this match-up. T1’s over-reliance on Faker can sometimes be their downfall and should be something RNG look to exploit. I do think Faker will prove to be too good in this contest however and carry T1 through to the Semifinals.

Gen.G vs DWG Kia

-Gen.G 3 - 0

DWG Kia are not the same beast that they were at Worlds 2021 and they have not been able to get the upper hand of Gen.G all year. Gen.G could not take more confidence into this match from the form they are in and should manage DWG Kia without too much fuss.


-EDG 3 - 1

Whilst EDG have had a disappointing year in the LOL Pro-League, they have done enough to secure themselves a spot in Quarterfinals. DRX are another team that got to build up their confidence through the Play-In Stage, but it won’t be enough to take down the reigning World Champions. EDG’s macro game should prove the difference, but I think DRX will take at least one game off them.

Who I’d Have In My Fantasy Squad:

Top: 369

Jungle: Peanut

Mid: Faker

ADC: Ruler

Support: Lehends


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