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A Beginner's Guide to Playing GameDay Squad Fantasy

If you're looking for a new way to enjoy fantasy sports, GameDay Squad is the platform for you. With a unique set of squad management rules and a variety of competitions, there's never been a better time to get started. Here's a beginner's guide to help you get started with GameDay Squad.

A beginners guide to GameDay Squad fantasy

Open Packs To Find Players:

Building your squad is easy with GameDay Squad. You'll receive free starter packs to build your squad upon signing up and weekly rewards just for singing on each week. You can also purchase player packs to find players in three tiers of paid packs: Common, Rare, and Unique.

Earning Points for Your Squad:

Earn points for your squad based on real-life statistics, which are converted into fantasy points. The better the players you have in your squad perform in real life, the more points your squad scores. Be sure to check out what stats from AFL and NRL will earn each of your players.

Types of Player Cards:

GameDay Squad, there are six different types of player cards available to collect: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Rare, Unique and Legend. Each type of card has a different score multiplier which determines the number of points your player will earn. For example, if Adam Reynolds scored 100 fantasy points in a round, his bronze card will score 100 points while his silver card with a 1.1x multiplier would score 110. Each higher rarity card has a higher multiplier and carries a larger salary cap hit to your squad, forcing coaches to manager the

ir salary cap wisely.

Salary Cap:

GameDay Squad uses a unique salary cap system, unlike traditional fantasy platforms. A player's salary cap hit is determined only by the rarity of their card, which will never be affected by past or future performances. The overall salary cost of a coach's team will be used to determine what competitions they are allowed to play in.

Competition Types:

GameDay Squad has two competitions for both our Aussie Rules and Rugby League games. While both the Open and Capped Leagues will follow the same scoring system, the capped league includes a team salary cap restriction, which allows for fair competition amongst all coaches, regardless of your budget. Alternatively, the Open League will allow coaches to go over their salary cap (much like a certain Sydney team’s salary sombrero). Coaches who are under the salary cap will be eligible for both competitions, maximising their chances for weekly rewards.

Compete Weekly:

GameDay Squad offers weekly competitions for both our Aussie Rules and Rugby League games. Competing and finishing weekly in the top 20 of either the capped or open league will see you take home some great prizes.

To keep up to date with our weekly and seasonal prizes, follow us on our socials, join our discord or view our support documents to be the first to know!

GameDay Squad offers a unique and exciting way to experience fantasy sports. With a variety of competitions, a unique salary cap system, and a transfer market feature, there's never been a better time to get started. Join the community today and start building your ultimate squad.


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