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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Glossary Of Terms

Fantasy sports are one of the great past times for sports fans world wide! Aussie rules fantasy specifically can be a challenge to wrap your head around at the best of times, then you add in confusing phrases and terms that are hard to comprehend unless you've been in the game since your dream team had Jonathon Brown and Scotty West in it. So we have complied some of the most frequently used phrases and terms used in fantasy Aussie Rules and broken them down into easy to understand sentences so you can stop scratching your head and start using them yourself. Let us know your thoughts on al the terms we have down below on all of our social channels: twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

AFL Fantasy GameDay Squad Glossary Of Terms

DEF - A player who is listed as a defender in GameDay Squad Fantasy. MID - A player who is listed as a midfielder in GameDay Squad Fantasy. RUCK - A player who is listed as a ruckman in GameDay Squad Fantasy. FWD - A player who is listed as a forward in GameDay Squad Fantasy. POD - This stands for "player-of-difference", this might be a player you consider yourself high on to the point where you think about starting him but it is adverse to consensus. Boom-Or-Bust - This is a player that is either going to score big and win you the round, or cost you the round with a low score! Usually very matchup or role dependent, coaches beware! PIG - Pig is a lust and love term which is earn't (not given) to players from the fantasy community. These players transcend all expectations and consistently score insane numbers. DPP - DPP stands for "dual-position-players". These players are eligible to play in more than one position on the field. Break-Out - A breakout is a player that plays surprisingly well and above expectations. ADP - ADP stands for "average-draft-position", this denotes the average position a single player gets drafted at in draft leagues. Bust - A player who hasn't met pre-season or pre-game expectations! Ceiling - The top of a player’s potential, whether it is scoring or their overall talent. Dynasty - Dynasty style fantasy leagues and platforms mean you retain your players from season to season, adding a elevated level of skill into your fantasy experience. Flier - An ambiguous term that generally means to take a chance, as in “to take a flier on a player.” It can also refer to a player who is worth stashing or looking to obtain through packs or the transfer market that could be worth taking a chance on.

Stashing - Stashing refers to the practice of including a player into your squad with the intent of holding them for the future.

Floor - The bottom of a player's potential, whether it is scoring or their overall talent. CBA - CBA stands for "centre-bounce-attendence". CBAs are one of the most frequently used stats in all of Aussie Rules fantasy. Handcuff - Purposefully adding in a player who will receive greater opportunity if a "starting" player is ruled out with injury or suspension. Role Player - A player who just does the gritty work. Often not fantasy relevant, but plays a big part live on the ground. Sleeper - A player who you think might be slipping under the radar. This is usually a player you think will outperform expectations. Streamer - A player you select purely based off positive matchups or positive role changes. Stud - Stud is a lust and love term used by the Aussie Rules fantasy community. The term is used for players that are generally considered very good at fantasy footy.

Spud - The opposite of stud. A spud is a bad fantasy player who consistently scores poorly. TOG - TOG stands for "time-on-ground". This is another metric used by just about every fantasy coach in the country. Time-on-ground looks at a players percentage of time spent on the field during a game. Ton - The elusive triple digits. 100 points is usually a universal metric used on all Aussie Rules platforms to deduce whether a player has had a good game or not. Use it as a "par" type reference for the most part.

Donut - Donut is a phrase used for a zero point score. A donut can occur due to injury or poor squad management, whatever the case, a 0 point score will be deemed a donut.

Junk Time / Red Time - This term is specific to players that score well in the dying embers of a game. Usually with a lot of kick-to-mark play or uncontested ball wining scoring.

Lock - A player or players who are cemented into your squad.

Set and Forget - When a coach "Sets and Forgets" a player, they are selecting that player with confidence. Setting and forgetting usually means you're all in on the players for the season.



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