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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules 2023: Round 20 Review

A top 3 2022 defender returning to defence? Are we seeing a glimpse into the future for this young Freo stud? What to do with fantasy footy's most confusing team? There are so many questions coming out of round 20. But let's turn our attention back to fantasy footy for a second and identify some risers in form and others who should be falling out of favour with all fantasy coaches. Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.


Hayden Young – DEF, Fremantle Dockers (99 points)

It's been teased for a long, long time but we finally got to see young Freo star Hayden Young as a predominant midfielder in Freo's win against Geelong in round 20. Young finished the day with a career-high 52% centre-bounce-attendances, which was the third highest percentage for Freo midfielders behind Caleb Serong and Andy Brayshaw. While his score of 99 GDS fantasy points isn't going to set the footy fantasy world on fire, owners have very good reason to be excited about Young's future prospects. Think of the latest defender to midfielder experiment that paid off with Adelaide's captain Jordan Dawson featuring as a full-time midfielder in 2023, if Young can tap into even just a slither of that success, at his age we should see his value skyrocket!

Jack Sinclair – DEF, St Kilda Saints (131 points)

While one defender stud moves in to the midfield we see another defender stud move back to defence from the midfield! Jack Sinclair relished a full-time move down back in defence for the Saints in round 20, a role that helped him break out in a massive way in season 2022. Sinclair has still be good for fantasy owners in 2023, but far less consistent in his scoring when playing some midfield/wing time. Sinclair went on to score 131 GDS fantasy points in his first game with 0 centre-bounce-attendances since round 14 and hopefully he can continue to play the defensive role he knows so well to close out the season.

Lachie Whitfield – MID, Greater Western Sydney Giants (157 points)

Lachie Whitfield is a player you are going to NEED for season 2024. He's having himself an incredible year, averaging 112 GDS fantasy points and returning to his most destructive role off half-back for the Giants. The issue from a fantasy perspective for Whitfield is that he is listed as a midfielder which makes it extremely hard to warrant starting him ahead of the likes of Marcus Bontempelli, Christian Petracca and Zach Merrett but what good coaches in GameDay Squad Aussie Rule are starting to do is thinking ahead to 2024 where Whitfield is all but a lock to see a position change to defender status. It does pay to be careful when trying to forward plan through an entire offseason, but if it does pay off, the rewards are incredible!


Caleb Daniel – DEF, Western Bulldogs (44 points)

Boy oh boy, you don't see this often from guys like Caleb Daniel in 2023 but here we are. Just 44 GDS fantasy points from Daniel who is averaging 107 GDS fantasy points per game so far this season. Daniel returned to the half-back flank for Bevo and the Bulldogs in a change of role that is made evident but his 0 centre-bounce-attendances and you have to wonder if this level of inconsistency is something coaches are going to have to get use to when considering Daniel for their line ups. Bevo only used 4 midfielders through the rotation and while theres room for Daniel to find himself back in the engine room, you have to wonder if he's trustworthy enough to start in your sides.

Angus Brayshaw – DEF, Melbourne Demons (87 points)

Caleb Daniel saw a massive decrease in centre-bounce-attendances and saw a huge decline in production. Angus Brayshaw saw a massive increase in centre-bounce-attendances and still saw a decrease in production! Walking away from the Demons shock loss at the hands of Richmond with just 87 GDS fantasy points from a 75% centre-bounce-attendance percentage is almost a talent in itself fro Gus Brayshaw who had every chance to have a big game. Everything was pointing to a big outing, the match up against Richmond's midfielders is favourable, increased midfield time and decent recent form ended up being nothing but a pump-fake from Gus who really torched coaches who trusted him enough to start him.

George Hewett – MID, Carlton Blues (76 points)

George Hewett ha every chance to become the ultimate point-of-difference option in round 20 but instead resorted to ultimate mediocracy. Coming off of a decent score of 112 GDS fantasy points thanks to some increased midfield time, many coached were keen to jump on board given the increase in CBA's but were only burnt in the process thanks to only 76 GDS fantasy points. The midfield time was there as well! The community read the scenario as best they could but Hewett had other plans and we were made to pay the price!



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