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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules 2024 - Forward Tiers!

It's that exciting time of the year again when we delve into the realm of fantasy footy! Finally, we will be ending the pre-season tiers with the Forward position! We'll take a deep dive into the hard hitters from 2023, identify potential breakout candidates, and assess the older players who might be showing signs of slowing down. Get ready as we break down the Forward position into tiers for the upcoming 2024 Aussie Rules season!

Fantasy tiers/rankings

Tier 1

Jack Macrae

Sam Flanders

The task of tiering players in the pre-season is undeniably challenging, particularly when it comes to forwards! At the top of this category, there may not be a plethora of options, but two players stand out as potential linchpins: Jack Macrae and Sam Flanders. Macrae has consistently proven himself as a fantasy stalwart, earning the trust of seasoned fantasy coaches year after year. With a new position allocation in play, Macrae, one of the premier fantasy players of recent times, appears primed to maintain his elite status and vie for top rankings in the upcoming 2024 season.

Emerging onto the fantasy footy scene is Gold Coast's Sam Flanders! Flanders had a breakout season in 2023, boasting an impressive average of 104 GDS fantasy points. His performance reached new heights, especially following the departure of former Gold Coast Suns coach Stuart Dew. Flanders flourished with increased midfield opportunities, setting the league alight! According to reports and early match simulations, Flanders is poised to maintain significant midfield responsibilities, solidifying his status as a must-start forward option for GameDay Squads in 2024!

Tier 2

Taylor Adams

Dylan Moore

In tier two, we pinpoint two players who we believe should exhibit a high floor this season, and truthfully, that's the primary factor distinguishing them from tier three. We will get onto tier 3 in a second but for now we're talking about "No floor Moore" and one of Sydney's new recruits - Taylor Adams! A brief note on Moore: he epitomizes reliability. Opting for him may seem conventional, but in 2024, possessing any semblance of stability in the forward position is a scarce asset!

Taylor Adams presents an intriguing prospect! The 30-year-old transitions from the premiership-winning Collingwood Magpies to the Sydney Swans, seeking a fresh challenge. It's uncommon to witness a player in his 30s depart from a successful team, but a direct quote from Adams has sent fantasy coaches into a frenzy: “I was clearly playing out of my preferred role,” Adams said. (Sydney) have identified that their stoppage work had room for improvement last year and maybe their on-field leadership so hopefully I can have an impact in both of those parts of the game.” If Adams's assertion holds true and Sydney indeed harnesses him as a CBA (Centre Bounce Attendances) powerhouse, enabling players like Chad Warner and Errol Gulden to flourish in their natural outside roles, count me in! Adams has demonstrated fantasy prowess in the past, and if he can recapture even a fraction of that form, he'll undoubtedly be a contender. Let's just hope and pray to the fantasy gods for his continued health and fitness!

Tier 3

Caleb Daniel

Toby Greene

Shai Bolton

Zac Fisher

Dustin Martin

Tier 3 boasts some formidable names! As previously mentioned, the distinction between tier 2 and tier 3 players is minimal. Caleb Daniel and Toby Greene are poised to sustain their consistent fantasy output, with both players averaging 105 GDS fantasy points per game last year, and I anticipate similar performances in 2024. The partnership of Shai Bolton and Dustin Martin in Richmond's midfield adds an intriguing dynamic, particularly for Dusty. He'll be a player I'll be closely monitoring during the pre-season games.

Zac Fisher emerges as a surprising name in this tier, but his potential upside is simply too compelling to overlook! According to reports, Fisher's move to North Melbourne is likely to see him stationed in a promising position off the half-back line, previously occupied by fantasy stalwarts like Aaron Hall, Harry Sheezel, and Jack Ziebell, all of whom boasted staggering GDS fantasy point averages during their tenure in the role. However, there remains an element of risk with Fisher. Injuries have unfortunately plagued Fisher in the past, with recent reports indicating a hamstring tweak. Additionally, his exceptional versatility across various positions—from small forward to wing to deep defence—could potentially hinder his fantasy value. Nonetheless, if preseason reports align with his on-field performances, I'll certainly be eager to acquire him on the Transfer Market!

Tier 4

Connor McDonald

Luke Jackson

Josh Rachele

Jeremy Cameron

Isaac Heeney

Charlie Curnow

Tier 4 presents an abundance of potential upside, albeit with even less consistency compared to the players in tier 3! Among them, Connor McDonald stands out as a player I'm particularly excited about, securing one of the first spots in my pre-season 22. Key forwards Jeremy Cameron and Charlie Curnow also find themselves in tier 4, primarily due to their roles rather than their talent. The perennially tantalizing Isaac Heeney is once again on fantasy radars for 2024. Additionally, my expectations are soaring for Josh Rachele—I believe he has the potential to become a must-start player at some point during the 2024 season. But Luke Jackson is the player here who has the clearest runway to success. It's just a little awkward that the runway includes one of his teammates getting injured... It's simple: Sean Dary In = Bad Sean Darcy Out = Good And that is going to be how the story goes for Jackson for as long as he is paired up Darcy as a Ruck duo.

Tier 5 

Jack Billings

Dayne Zorko

Gryan Miers

James Jordan

Mitch Ownes

Jye Caldwell

Ben Keays

Taylor Walker

Jade Gresham

Elijah Tsatas

Liam Baker

Tier 5 where we find the best of the rest! Keep a close eye on the likes of James Jordan, Jack Billings, Mitch Owens, Jade Gresham, Liam Baker and Elijah Tsatas. Keep these players-of-difference waiting in the wings and deploy them as you see fit throughout the season!



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