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GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Around The Grounds!

In this blog we will have a brief look at the previous and upcoming rounds of the AFL. In round 15, who's performances stood out for the right or wrong reasons and which players made the GDS Squad of the round. With round 16 not too far away, who should coaches consider starting and which players have positive matchups. Have a read below and gain an edge over your competition in GameDay Squad Aussie Rules! Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels: twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Fantasy Football

GDS Squad of the week for round 15

Def- Jayden Laverde – 147 - Ess

Def- Elliot Yeo – 136 - WC

Def- Harry Sheezel – 135 - NM

Def- Trent Rivers – 132 - Mel

Def- Lachie Whitfield – 130 - GWS

Def- Will Powell – 126 - GC

Def- Hayden Young – 124 - Frem

Mid- Errol Gulden – 188 - Syd

Mid- Lachie Neale – 155 - Bris

Mid- Andrew Brayshaw – 155 - Frem

Mid- Touk Miller – 150 - GC

Mid- Tom Green – 144 - GWS

Mid- Zac Butters – 140 - Port

Ruck- Oscar McInerney – 147 - Bris

Ruck- Tom De Koning – 144 - Carl

Fwd- Jye Caldwell – 152 - Ess

Fwd -Jake Stringer – 142 - Ess

Fwd- Eric Hipwood – 136 - Bris

Fwd- Gryan Miers – 131 - Geel

Fwd- Joe Daniher – 128 - Bris

Fwd- Sam Flanders – 127 - GC

Fwd- Charlie Curnow – 116 - Carl

Squad Base Total – 3085 GDS points

The performance of the week

Errol Gulden vs Greater Western Sydney Giants

Errol Gulden was the clear standout in this week's round, making him the Player of the Round with an incredible performance in the Battle of the Bridge. Expected to be a tough contest, Gulden made it look easy, finishing with an impressive 188 GameDay Squad points.

Gulden dominated the fixture with a game high 41 disposals, including 31 kicks. To put that into perspective, kicks alone would have bagged him 124 points which would have still had him ahead of most others in the round! Alongside that, he took 12 marks and even kicked a goal in a well rounded performance. GWS are known for their tight play style, making it hard for opponents to score big, but Gulden's class allowed him to break through this.

What I like most about Gulden is the fact that he almost always kicks the ball when he gets it. This season he’s averaging 28 disposals with only 25% been handballs. Tom Green is also Averaging 28 disposals this season from the same number of games but handballs 55% of the time. If you look at the scoring output from this, Gulden is averaging 18 points per game more from just disposals. Once you add card multipliers onto that it can be the difference between winning cash and missing out!

Gulden has made himself the first set and forget player in my side and you should be doing the same.

The flop of the week

Luke Ryan vs Gold Coast Suns

Luke Ryan was this week’s disappointment of the round in GameDay Squad, a surprising outcome for such a typically reliable player. Usually a cornerstone in many backlines due to his consistency, Ryan fell short in Fremantle's game against Gold Coast, managing only 81 GameDay Squad points.

Throughout the match, Ryan gathered just 18 disposals, a stark contrast to his usual performance. Notably, 8 of these disposals came in the final quarter, indicating a particularly slow start. Additionally, he took only 5 marks, well below his season average of 25 disposals and 10 marks. This drop in performance was puzzling; Ryan appeared to lack the freedom he normally enjoys on the field, which significantly impacted his effectiveness.

Despite this setback, Ryan’s class and proven track record suggest that this poor performance is merely a blip. Fans and fantasy managers alike can remain optimistic about his ability to bounce back strongly in the coming rounds. Luke Ryan’s talent and resilience will undoubtedly see him return to form, reaffirming his status as a top-tier defender.

Round 16 Team to Beat (based off available players)

Def-Lachie Whitfield (GWS)–GDS average of 122.79 and positional ranking of 4th

Def-Harry Sheezel– (NM) – GDS average of 131.79 and positional ranking of 1st

Def—Dan Houston(Port) – GDS average of 114.5 and positional ranking of 11th

Def-Nic Newman– (Carl) – GDS average of 113.36 and positional ranking of 13th

Def—Liam Duggan(WC) – GDS average of 114.93 and positional ranking of 10th

Def-Nick Daicos– (Coll) – GDS average of 124.64 and positional ranking of 3rd

Def—Will Powell (GC) – GDS average of 92.11 and positional ranking of 38th


Mid-Caleb Serong– (Fre) – GDS average of 125.79 and positional ranking of 7th

Mid-Errol Gulden– (Syd) – GDS average of 137.71 and positional ranking of 1st

Mid—Sam Walsh(Carl) – GDS average of 127.89 and positional ranking of 3rd

Mid-Marcus Bontempelli - (WB) – GDS average of 124.79 and positional ranking of 8th

Mid—Zach Merrett(Ess) – GDS average of 127.93 and positional ranking of 4th

Mid—Touk Miller(GC) – GDS average of 110.43 and positional ranking of 27th


Ruck—Brodie Grundy (Syd) – GDS average of 117.21 and positional ranking of 5th

Ruck—Rowan Marshall (StK) – GDS average of 128.93 and positional ranking of 2nd


Fwd—Sam Flanders(GC) – GDS average of  135.62 and positional ranking of 1st

Fwd-Isaac Heeney– (Syd) – GDS average of 130.21 and positional ranking of 3rd

Fwd -Jye Caldwell (Ess) – GDS average of 101.71 and positional ranking of 9th

Fwd-Dayne Zorko– (Bris) – GDS average of 134.43 and positional ranking of 2nd

Fwd—Joe Daniher (Bris) – GDS average of 108.71 and positional ranking of 4th

Fwd-Harry McKay– (Carl) – GDS average of 101.64 and positional ranking of 10th

Fwd-Dylan Moore– (Haw) – GDS average of 99.07 and positional ranking of 14th


Good week to START…

Touk Miller (Gold Coast Suns) vs Collingwood Magpies

This week might be an excellent opportunity to start Touk Miller in your GameDay Squad team. Last week, Miller demonstrated his exceptional quality by scoring 150 GDS points against Fremantle, a performance well above his season average. This outstanding display is a reminder of the level we expect from a player of his calibre.

Miller faces Collingwood this week, a team surprisingly favourable for midfielders to score against. Collingwood has conceded 130+ points to midfielders 18 times this season, making them a prime target for high-scoring potential. Given this trend, Miller is well-positioned to take advantage and deliver another strong performance.

While Gold Coast boasts three elite midfielders in Miller, Noah Anderson, and Matt Rowell, Miller's performance last week showcased a return to his best form. His ability to dominate and influence the game was reminiscent of the Touk Miller that fans and fantasy managers have come to rely on.

Starting Miller this week could yield significant rewards. His recent form, combined with the favourable matchup against Collingwood, suggests that he is primed for another big game. For those seeking a high-scoring, unique midfielder, Touk Miller is an excellent choice for this round.

Expected GDS Score: 140 GDS fantasy points

Good week to DROP…

Zak Butters (Port Adelaide Power) vs St Kilda Saints

Dropping Zak Butters this round might be the strategic move for GameDay Squad managers. Last week, Butters delivered an outstanding performance, even managing 140 GDS points despite injuring his shoulder in a tackle. However, this week presents a different challenge as Port Adelaide faces St Kilda.

While St Kilda isn't typically a difficult side to score against, they have a secret weapon in Marcus Windhager. Windhager has quickly established himself as one of the best taggers in the competition, effectively shutting down star players like Touk Miller and Lachie Neale in his last two games. Given this recent track record, it's highly likely that Windhager will be assigned to Butters this week.

Given that he has shown to be a reactive player in the past, Butters could struggle under the intense pressure and close marking that Windhager applies. This could significantly limit Butters' ability to influence the game and, consequently, his fantasy score.

While Butters is undoubtedly a talented player, the likelihood of being tagged by Windhager suggests that his output may be below par this week. Dropping him could be a prudent decision given there are many other options out there.

Expected GDS Score: 90 GDS fantasy points


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