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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Round 21 Trading Targets

Is this Carlton defender a must start this week? Can this former elite fantasy midfielder find his form? Is it too risky to start this Brisbane midfielder now? There's a ton of questions leading into the back end of the 2023 season and we are here to try and answer them all! It's time now to get firmly stuck into some fantasy chatter! GameDay Squad is a little bit different to your more traditional AFL Fantasy and AFL Supercoach platforms. Some features that make it a little bit of a different experience are:

  1. There are no weekly trade restrictions, this means that you can take your MRO frustrations out stress free.

  2. In GDS the cards you use to play are virtual player cards which you can collect from player card packs, with that, there is a fully functioning peer-to-peer transfer market which you can trade, auction and sell player cards that you own. Yes, this means that you can not only rage trade but rage sell all of your James Sicily cards!

  3. It’s also essential to keep in mind that GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy football platform and that will be heavily taken into consideration in this article.

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Buy, Sell and Hold for AFL round 1


Matt Crouch

Adelaide Crows - Midfielder (MID)

Sooooo, we need to talk about Crouch… Matt Crouch… in 2023… Yep Matt Crouch is back in the league and sort of killing it! In his most recent two outings Crouch is coming off scores of 92 and 124 GDS fantasy points, his round 20 performance especially looked like Crouch of old. Matt Crouch is no stranger to the fantasy community, his 2017-2019 seasons made him one of the better fantasy assets league-wide, but in recent seasons, Crouch has unfortunately not been able to work his way into this Adelaide side. Lack of consistency and urge on the defensive side of the ball have been reasons cited for his lengthy omissions but it has to be said that Crouch is quite literally playing for his career right now. If there is ever a time to play Crouch, its right now, at his hungriest!

Darcy Cameron

Collingwood Magpies - Ruck (RUCK)

Not everyone likes to play the Rowan Marshall or Tim English ruck vanilla picks! Some like to sway from the masses in hopes that playing a point-of-difference player will elevate them further up the leaderboards. Jarrod Witts, Toby Nankervis and Kieren Briggs have offered a lot to coaches earlier in the season but now it’s time for Darcy Cameron to step in and be that guy! Cameron owners have been waiting for this moment all season long! To see “Mason Cox” omitted and to give Cameron free rein in the ruck. Unfortunately he has the toughest matchup for rucks so far this year to over come as Collingwood take on the Hawthorn Hawks but, Cameron should be viewed as a high tier must-start going into round 21.


Lachie Neale

Brisbane Lions - Midfielder (MID)

The inevitable Lachie Neale burn was a travesty waiting to happen. He’s been in such good form but more and more frequently these low scores come back to bite owners just as you get comfortable with having him in your side. The things is, this low score seems a little more serious than his other low scores this season. Neale copped some attention from Suns star Touk Miller in round 20 and Neale did not cop the attention well at all! Just 68 points from the star midfielder who is averaging 111.7 GDS fantasy points per game to date and a score that almost undoubtedly books him a date with a tagger in most games to end the season. Now that coaches around the league know that he can be quelled to such a degree, they would be silly not to send some attention his way and it's enough of a worry for me to steer clear for the rest of the season. See ya in 2024 Lachie!

Callum Mills

Sydney Swans - Midfielder (MID)

I have seen enough from Mills and I would be astounded if most coaches don't feel the same way! Mills ended the 2022 season as a top 5 averaging midfielder league-wide, leaving everyone wondering how he can only be averaging 92 GDS fantasy points per game so far this year. Mills is coming off a season low 67 GDS fantasy points (aside from his injury riddled 4 GDS fantasy points in round 9) which should be the stake through the heart for Mills owners for the rest of the season. Hopefully we see some juice back in his step in the off-season and the pre-season but with how Horse has the Sydney midfield depth chart lined up, i'm extremely worried about his future prospects.


Toby Nankervis

Richmond Tigers - Ruck (RUCK)

The opposite of the Darcy Cameron scenario! Toby Nankervis is back! Huge for both Richmond fans and fantasy coaches given how good he was before his three week suspension. Nankervis became one of the safer point-of-difference options in the ruck for coaches who wanted to sway away from the Rowan Marshall or Tim English vanilla picks. However, there is one big problem… Ivan Soldo played so well in big Nanks absence that he remains in the first 22 for Richmond, which does not bode well at all for those who were keen to slot Nankervis straight back in. Soldo has been a thorn in the backside of Nankervis owners for some time now, we saw what Nank can do when he has solo ruck duties but I fear with Soldo well and truly in the fray, we are best to look else where. Especially when English and Marshall are still killing it each and every week.

Nic Newman

Carlton Blues - Defender (DEF)

Carlton's injury woes only get worse and worse as Adam Cerra misses this week due to injury. This is music to the ears of Newman owners who have cashed in on his incredible form as his plays the lead quarterback role for Carlton while Sam Docherty continues his role inside for Carlton. The Blues just so happen to play the easiest team for defenders to score against in round 21, taking on the St Kilda Saints, so lock and load Nic Newman in your sides, he should be viewed as a tier one or tier two starter this week!


The information contained in the article is not intended and should not be understood or construed as financial advice. As always please do your own research, my placing history suggests you should absolutely do your own research!


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