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  • Anthony Sayers

GameDay Squad: How The Salary Cap Works

When it comes to building a successful fantasy sports team, strategy is key. GameDay Squad takes strategy to the next level with our innovative salary cap feature. Understanding and effectively managing the salary cap is crucial for coaches looking to create a competitive team within the game. In this blog, we'll dive into the details of GameDay Squad's salary cap and how it works.

GameDay Squad: Salary cap how it works

What is the Salary Cap? In GameDay Squad, the salary cap is a predetermined budget limit that coaches must adhere to when building their squads. Each player card in the game has an assigned salary cap value based on its rarity. The total value of all the player cards in a coach's squad must not exceed the allocated salary cap. This creates a level playing field and ensures fair competition among coaches.

Currently in GameDay Squad there are two public competitions coaches can participate in, the Capped and Open league. In the capped league, coaches are required to adhere to a team salary cap restriction when building their squads. This means that coaches must construct their teams while staying within the specified salary cap limit. The capped league provides a level playing field where coaches with varying budgets can compete fairly based on their ability to manage their team within the salary cap constraints. On the other hand, the open league follows the regular rules and gameplay without the team salary cap restriction. Coaches have more flexibility in building their squads, as they are not bound by the salary cap limit. This allows for a different style of team-building strategy, where coaches can prioritize acquiring high-value players without the same financial limitations as in the capped league. Coaches eligible for the capped league will also participate in the open league, but not vice versa.

The salary cap feature adds an extra layer of strategy to team building. Coaches must make thoughtful decisions when selecting players, considering their value in relation to their salary cap cost. It's not just about acquiring high-value players; coaches must also consider the overall balance of their team within the constraints of the salary cap.

GameDay Squad's salary cap feature adds depth and strategy to the team-building aspect of fantasy sports. Coaches must carefully manage their resources, making calculated decisions to create a competitive squad within the allocated salary cap. By ensuring fair competition and strategic gameplay, the salary cap system creates an exciting and engaging environment for coaches to showcase their skills. So, embrace the challenge, master the salary cap, and build a winning team on GameDay Squad!



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