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  • Hayden Kaer

GameDay Squad Player Cards: What happens when players change teams or positions?

GameDay Squad Player Cards will often go through several variations throughout their lifespan. Player Cards get updated so that they accurately reflect the player's current team that they play for, position and jumper # (Aussie Rules).

When are Player Cards updated?

The GameDay Squad team reviews and updates all Player Cards prior to the start of each season, after clubs have submitted their team lists for the coming year and positions are decided. Currently, Player Cards only have one position attributed to them. Players may change positions throughout the year, however the position allocated to their Player Card won't change for the remainder of that season.

What about Special Player Cards?

GameDay Squad are introducing Special Player Cards in Season 2023. Special Cards include: Seasonal Prize cards, Squad Of The Year cards, State Of Origin cards and more. Each Special Card will have a different salary cap contribution that will be communicated at the time of release. Special Player Cards will maintain the same artwork on the card throughout it's lifespan, however the Player Card will change positions if that player changes positions.

Artwork updates

If you've been with GameDay Squad since the start of the year, you would have noticed that we've had a big improvement to our Player Card artwork. We love the way our cards look now, but we may choose to update the artwork for regular Player Cards in the future! \



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