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GameDay Squad Rugby League Finals 2023: Week 3 Point-Of-Difference

Every week GameDay Squad coaches are searching for that player-of-difference (POD) to help them have the edge over the competition. Over the finals series we will be going over three different POD options ahead of the weekend’s footy. After reading this, hopefully some of the questions you might have for certain players would have been answered. Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Brian To'o – WFB, Penrith Panthers

A lot of GDS coaches including myself like to run with three fullbacks in the WFB position as fullbacks are generally better scorers than wingers. Carrying on this thinking, it’s likely that Edwards and Walsh might be the top two selected WFBs in GDS for this week. In my opinion the third spot will likely be filled by either CNK, Meaney or To’o. CNK and Meaney are the safe options with being fullbacks, but I like To’o as a POD this week. After a quiet start to the season To’o has been outstanding since round 21. Over the seven games he’s played since round 21, he has averaged 59 points and has scored 9 tries. Considering this I think he has really been underrated at the backend of the season and I think he could be one of the home run POD players of the week.

Adam Reynolds – HLF, Brisbane Broncos

Reynolds has been having a decent season but has likely not been starting too many times in GDS coaches’ squads. This would be due to having several very good halves each week to choose from. Now that there are only four teams left, he should be on everyone’s radar. This week Cleary is likely to be an auto pick for most coaches but who should he be paired with. Going by averages, SJ is the logical choice, but Reynolds can be a great POD and here is why. Since SJ picked up his calf injury, he has only averaged 51 points across his last four games. Even though Reynolds has had his own injury concerns, he’s averaged 61 points across his last four games. This difference in averages comes a lot from SJ not kicking goals while Reynolds still is. With the Broncos being favorites against the Warriors this week, I think the Reynolds provides more upside than SJ. In my opinion the Broncos arelikely to win, and this means that they would score more points than the Warriors. What doesthis mean in fantasy terms? If Broncos winning narrative comes to fruition Reynolds should out produce SJ in attacking stats. On top of this, I don’t think SJ will be kicking goals and Reynolds should be.


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