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  • Anthony Sayers

GameDay Squad: What You Get For Logging In Weekly

Did you know GameDay Squad rewards you simply logging on each week. Let's take a closer look at what I got this week for logging onto GameDay Squad.

GameDay Squad: What You Get For Logging In Weekly

Free Rewards Packs

Every week, GameDay Squad rewards you for logging on with free rewards packs that contain player cards for both the Rugby League and Aussie Rules codes. This week, I received three free bronze packs for each code, and I was excited to see what player cards I would get.

In one of my free rewards packs, I was lucky enough to pack a Kotoni Staggs card. As a biased Broncos fan, I was thrilled to see this card, as Staggs is one of my favourite players on the team and one of the best fantasy centres in the game. As I good centre is hard to come by in Rugby League fantasy its safe to say Kotoni was quickly added to my squad, just in time for his highlight reel game this week against the Dolphins in the Battle of Brisbane. Witnessing Stagg’s final minute full-length of the field try made me a very happy Broncos fan, and an even happier GameDay Squad coach.

Building My Dream Squad

Thanks to the free rewards packs I received for logging onto GameDay Squad, I was able to add new players to my squad and build my dream team. With every pack, there is a chance of finding a player card that can make a big difference on your team. And best of all, it doesn't cost a cent to receive these free packs.

Logging onto GameDay Squad each week can result in exciting rewards that can make a big difference in building your dream squad. So, what are you waiting for? Logon now to GameDay Squad! There just might be your favourite card waiting to be opened in a free pack.



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