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Tohu is back, Reynolds looms on the horizon, and Taumalolo looks like a sell. Let’s look at some of the key players for Round 12.

NRL Fantasy 2022 Round 12 Preview


Tohu Harris

For me, Tohu Harris is now in the buy range. Despite the fact he has a break-even of 62, Harris can be picked up now. In games where he played at least 70 minutes in 2021, Harris averaged 65 points. A 70-minute stint on the weekend makes it likely that he will be playing the full 80 this weekend. A keeper that doesn’t play Origin and plays Round 13, Tohu is the way to go.

Ryan Matterson

Matterson has been a real curious scorer this year. A relegation to the bench saw many coaches shy away from Matterson. But surprisingly, Matterson has excelled in this role, to the extent that he has performed better fantasy wise than last year. His 6 stints have seen him average 62. An average that extends to 65 in games where he plays at least 40 minutes. His ability to score from a wide range of options, whether it is tackles, offloads, tackle busts or even metres gained makes him an asset for any team. The one concern is whether he makes the origin team, but for me he is a buy.

Reed Mahoney

With significant numbers of coaches owning Chris Randall or Tom Starling, a new hooking option is required as both have seen reduced minutes. For me, the clear alternative is Reed Mahoney. In 2021, Mahoney was a premier hooker with an average of 61. And in 2022, despite a slow start, he has posted six 50 plus scores in succession. Barring any injury to Harry Grant, he won’t be playing origin either.

Ones to Watch

Adam Reynolds

o The Broncos halfback has turned a new corner and has gone to another level fantasy-wise in 2022. An average of 58 comes with an increased attacking and kicking role for the Broncos. The one concern is that he is still carrying an injury, but a late inclusion may see him playing, if so snap him up this week.

Josh Schuster

After a strong first outing, Schuster returned to the bench in Round 11 for a 33-minute stint for 17 points. This sees him with a breakeven of 56 and with potentially further monetary losses down the line if he is eased back into the game. Last season he averaged just shy of 50 points and may potentially be a bargain mid-range pickup for coaches, and he also plays the Round 13 bye. One concern for Schuster is the potential drop off in attacking points with a struggling Manly outfit. One to watch for now.


Jason Taumalolo

An MCL sprain and a break-even of 80 means its time to give Taumalolo the boot. Taumalolo was already a struggle for owners as he was often given reduced minutes in games where the Cowboys were on top. With a soft draw on his return, he is one to sell.

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