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  • Anthony Sayers

NRL Fantasy – Broncos Team Fantasy Rankings

Despite a season fans rather forget finishing close to the bottom of the ladder, the Brisbane Broncos managed to rank slightly higher as the 11th team by average fantasy score. No doubt helped by killer performances from Payne Haas and Kotoni Staggs both ranking as the top-scoring fantasy player in their positions. It's clear the top four here are all looking forward to a great fantasy season and are players that we would all be happy to pack.

Payne Haas (#6 Overall)

Starting with the must add Payne Haas, who is the number one top performer in his position and ranks as the 6th best fantasy player in the whole comp. Payne Haas is coming off a monster season seeing him average 60.75 fantasy points on average. He’s a complete outlier in his position who gets through a monster workload during his average of 60 minutes a game.

Kotoni Staggs (#46 Overall)

Looking for a bounce-back season after an unfortunate injury Kotoni Staggs average score still managed to top the comp in his position showing just how talented he is. Centres are not the highest production value in fantasy but Staggs average quickly shoots him up as the 46th best fantasy player in a season where he didn’t have much luck with injuries. If you can add Kotoni to your team you will have a huge positional advantage for the season.

Herbie Farnworth (#111 Overall)

After a breakout season in 2021 England born Herbie Farnworth really helped fantasy managers throughout the 2021 season in a position that’s not very deep or productive. Herbie managed to rank 5th in CTRs, a position that’s not deep or productive. Like his counterpart Staggs, if you can manage to get your hands on any Broncos centre you will be giving your Squad a huge positional advantage.

Adam Reynolds (#47 Overall)

Someone that fantasy managers and Brisbane fans alike are very happy to have on their team is the addition of Adam Reynolds. Reynolds ranks 12th in his position but the opportunity to help turn Broncos around could provide for some high production for a team that’s full of young talent and that’s been begging for someone to truly steer them around the park.

Jake Turpin (#80 Overall)

Hooker is a hard position to get right in GameDay Squad, it’s not a very deep position and the production drops off quickly. Jake Turpin ranks 12th in his position making him closer to the middle of the pack. He’s a player that won't let you down in a hard position for fantasy managers to get sorted. If you pack Turpin, he’s almost a set and forget each week or at least someone you are comfortable filling out your bench with.

Patrick Carrigan (#87 Overall)

Patrick Carrigan was another Broncos player that had an early end to his season due to injury and will be looking for a huge bounce-back season. Mids are a deep position that you shouldn’t prioritise, but it’s easy to see Carrigan as a high floor player with potential for huge upside, he’s a must-add player if you can find him on the transfer market, even if it’s only to sure up your line-up for depth.


Brisbane is looking for a much-needed bounce-back season after struggling to find consistency in 2022. The new additions of Adam Reynolds joining to steer them around the park should see valuable fantasy production from the young guns. Broncos have some stand-out players in positions that are not typically deep, and some clear outliers that would be a dream to pack.


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