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AFL Fantasy 2024 Kick-In Analysis

AFL Fantasy 2024 Kick-In Analysis: With the 2024 fantasy season set to be one of the most open in recent memory, coaches will be trying to squeeze out as many points as possible from each individual player. Some of key set and forget options for defenders and forwards have now moved into the midfield, resulting in the need for a lot more decision making in our starters.

One source of “free points” is through kick ins where if the player plays on, the kick counts to your score. In the modern flowing game, this is a common occurrence and players like Luke Ryan averaged almost 20 points per game just through this method. 

I’ve taken the time to look through last year’s leading kick in takers to see if there is any value in incorporating them into your side. I’ve also had a look at what’s been happening in the match simulations to see if there’s any new value to be had.


Fantasy Analysis


Brodie Smith

Taken: 58 – Played on: 46 – Play on %: 79

Adelaide didn’t have a set kick in taker last season and the match simulations didn’t give too much away. I can’t see this area making much of an impact on our decision making.



Conor McKenna

Taken: 94 – Played on: 52 – Play on %: 55

Mckenna took the vast majority of Brisbane’s kick ins last season and really wasted the opportunity in a fantasy sense with just a 55% play on rate. Keidean Coleman sat second on the list but still had an average play on percentage of just 66. I think with Rich’s retirement we’ll see an expansion in Colemans scope to hopefully become the regular kick in taker and hopefully grow in confidence to start playing on more.



Mitch McGovern

Taken: 111 – Played on: 90 – Play on %: 81

In the games McGovern played last season, he was the preferred option for kick ins. His importance to their back line means he’ll likely keep this role, with Saad picking up a few along the way.



Darcy Moore

Taken: 85 – Played on: 82 – Play on %: 98

Darcy Moore has been a leader in the Collingwood backline and I can’t see them changing a winning formula. I think he’ll stay the preferred option.



Mason Redman

Taken: 88 – Played on: 83 – Play on %: 94

Redman took the majority of the kick ins last season for Essendon but the transition of Nic Martin into defence looks set to mix that up. He’s been taking a lot of kick ins through simulation games so that will likely continue into the season. Unfortunately for us, Martin is now listed as a midfield in GameDay Squad so a lot of his value is lost.



Luke Ryan

Taken: 119 – Played on: 109 – Play on %: 92

Luke Ryan was one of our favourite fantasy players last season and his scoring was helped along by his kick in duties where he had the most play ons in the league. I have two minor concerns with Ryan coming into 2024 but I don’t think they’ll change my decision to use him. Firstly, he’s battled a minor injury through the preseason meaning he may start off a bit slow. The second is Hayden young moving into the midfield might change up his defensive responsibilities. Overall I still think he’s a lock.


Gold Coast

Wil Powell

Taken: 81 – Played on: 62 – Play on %: 77

Powell tended to take most kick ins last season, but he was by no means the only option. One player that has caught my eye this preseason is Alex Sexton, who seems to be thriving in his new role down back. During the match simulation he was taking a lot of kick ins and what’s even better is he’s listed as a GameDay Squad forward. Definitely keep an eye on him!



Tom Stewart

Taken: 90 – Played on: 80 – Play on %: 89

Tom Stewart has been the general in the Geelong back line for a number of years and I cant see that changing. As long as he’s fit I think he’ll continue to take the kick ins to set up their transitions.


Greater Western Sydney

Lachie Whitfield

Taken: 106 – Played on: 92 – Play on %: 87

Whitfield was an excellent fantasy player for us last season but was unfortunately cursed with midfield status making him virtually unusable. In 2024 he rightfully returns to being a defender and the match sims look promising that he’ll keep his kick in duties. I reckon he’ll be close to a must start this season.



Blake Hardwick

Taken: 82 – Played on: 65 – Play on %: 79

With the Hawthorn back line being in shambles this preseason its difficult to predict who will get the kick in duties. Although Hardwick had the most last season, Sicily took a lot when he was actually playing. I think it will all depend on what kind of role Sicily has in the back line, especially early on in the season.



Steven May

Taken: 125 – Played on: 99 – Play on %: 79

Steven May was by far the leading kick in taker for Melbourne in what seemed like a clear strategy for them. I’m not sure I can see that changing too much at the Dees.


North Melbourne

Jack Ziebell

Taken: 105 – Played on: 100 – Play on %: 95

With Jack Ziebell’s retirement, we will be seeing a new, first choice kick in taker at the Roos. It looks like Sheezel is set to keep a somewhat defensive role this season so he seems like the obvious choice. Also keep an eye on some of those first year talented recruits who we know are given extra responsibilities early at North Melbourne.


Port Adelaide

Ryan Burton

Taken: 86 – Played on: 70 – Play on %: 81

Burton is another one of those kick in players who hasn’t been overly fantasy relevant. Josh Sinn is a player who has been on a lot of players lips and was taking some of the kick ins during the simulation match on the weekend. The real question will be whether he’ll be in the best starting lineup for Port.



Nick Vlastuin

Taken: 76 – Played on: 64 – Play on %: 84

Richmond is another team who tended to share the kick in duties around. Initially Vlastuin was the preferred option but once Jayden Short was consistently spending time down back he took over. I expect the duties to be shared by Vlastuin, Short and Rioli in 2024 so not much to be relying on.


St Kilda

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera

Taken: 104 – Played on: 84 – Play on %: 81

NWM should already be someone on your radar based on the tail end of last season. He’s poised to be one of the top fantasy defenders in the competition and he’s already on kick in duties. I think as he gains confidence he’ll hopefully start to play on a bit more and increase that 81% into the 90s.



Nick Blakey

Taken: 100 – Played on: 96 – Play on %: 96

Although Nick Blakey was the leading kick in taker for Sydney last season, Jake Lloyd had roughly the same amount when you take into account games played. Both had excellent play on rates so I’d be looking more at Lloyd thanks to his fantasy friendly role.

Western Bulldogs

Bailey Dale

Taken: 116 – Played on: 107 – Play on %: 92

Through the off season there has been a lot of speculation about where Bailey Dale will play in 2024. If he does end up moving forward, I would be looking to someone like Ed Richards to start taking majority of the kick ins. If he does take over from Dale, that’s a potential extra 18 points per game he could gain (and Dale will lose).


West Coast

Shannon Hurn

Taken: 92 – Played on: 86 – Play on %: 93

Like North Melbourne, West Coast will need to find a new player to lead the kick in duties. If one player can secure the role, it could be incredibly lucrative based on the number of behinds West Coast have been conceding. My money will be on Alex Witherden to take the lead with someone like Jamaine Jones in back up.


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