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  • Hayden Kaer

GameDay Squad: 9 Ways To Get Free Player Card Packs

GameDay Squad Player Packs are the only way that Player Cards enter the GameDay Squad ecosystem. There are four different types of Player Packs: Starter, Common, Rare & Unique. Each type of Player Pack has a varying drop rate % for the different rarities of Player Cards found in that pack. Read on to find out how you can score yourself free GameDay Squad Player Packs!

Registering with GameDay Squad

Signing up to GameDay Squad sets you up with 30 free Bronze Player Cards found in Starter Packs. This will give you enough players to field a team and get you started on your GameDay Squad journey.

Logging In Weekly

To get your hands on free Weekly Bonus Packs, simply log in to the GameDay Squad platform each week and you will be rewarded with 3 x 1 player Starter Packs! In these packs you’ll find three Bronze Player Cards for both Aussie Rules & Rugby League to help build up your squad. But be quick, you must claim your free Weekly Bonus Packs before the end of each week.

Referring A Friend

Get rewarded for sharing the good word of GameDay Squad to friends and family! For every new coach that you bring onto the GameDay Squad platform, you will be rewarded with a 3 Player Rare Pack! To find your unique referral code, press the profile icon and click "referral code". After signing up to GameDay Squad, new coaches submit the referral code they received into the "Redeem Referral Code'' tab below their unique referral code. The 3 Player Rare pack will be distributed to referrers within 72 hours. Fair use policy applies*

Coming To Live Events

GameDay Squad have already hosted live meet-up events with our good friends and partners DT Talk, The Keeper League & Talking League. During these events there has been plenty of opportunities to win free GameDay Squad player packs and other prizes. Make sure you follow us on social media so that you don't miss an opportunity to get down to a live event when we come to your city!

Engaging With Our Partners

We're proud to be partnered with some of the biggest names in the fantasy sports community. Make sure you follow our partners on social media to give yourself the best chance of winning free Player Packs from them!

AFL: DT Talk; The Keeper League; The Draft Doctors; True Footy

NRL: Sydney Roosters; Talking League; SCWhisperer; Sportshedtv; NRL Fantasy Analysis

Discord Competition

Every week during the season you have a chance to win free packs on the GameDay Squad Discord by participating in our highest points scorer competition. If a coach correctly guesses the highest GameDay Squad fantasy points scorer for the coming round, they win a 3 Player Common Pack. On top of this, if they correctly guess the score of the highest points scorer, we'll throw in a 3 Player Rare Pack on top! Come join the community through this link.

Engaging With The GameDay Squad Footy Shows

GameDay Squad host a live Aussie Rules & Rugby League footy show every week and there are opportunities to win free Player Packs! Each week there is a pack reward on offer for sharing your pack openings on Discord that fit the "Pack of the week" criteria that changes week-to-week. You can also win a Player Pack by submitting a mailbag question on the Discord before the show begins. It's also worthwhile tuning in to the live shows as there are opportunities to win Player Packs and Player Cards just for watching!

Aussie Rules Live Show: Thursdays 5:45pm AEST

Rugby League Live Show: Wednesdays 6pm AEST

Coming Top 20 In The Weekly Competition

One of the best ways to get free GameDay Squad Player Packs is to earn them! Coaches that finish 1st to 3rd in weekly competitions are rewarded with juicy cash prizes, however if you find yourself finishing 4th to 20th you'll be rewarded with GameDay Squad's top tier Player Packs! Here is the breakdown of our prize structure for each of the remaining rounds of the 2023 season:

Rounds 7-24 (Aussie Rules)

1st: (Capped and Open) - $1000

2nd: (Capped and Open) - $500

3rd: (Capped and Open) - $250

4th-10th: (Capped and Open) -2 x 9 Player Unique Packs

11th-20th: (Capped and Open) - 1 x 9 Player Unique Pack

Rounds 9-27 (Rugby League)

1st: (Capped and Open) - $1000

2nd: (Capped and Open) - $500

3rd: (Capped and Open) - $250

4th-10th: (Capped and Open) -2 x 9 Player Unique Packs

11th-20th: (Capped and Open) - 1 x 9 Player Unique Pack

Bug Bounty

As our platform is currently in BETA, we're committed to continuously improving it so that we can provide the best fantasy sports experience for our coaches. That's why we're offering Player Packs for anyone who helps us identify bugs on our platform. GameDay Squad appreciates the support of our community in making the platform the best it can be!

For information about the Bug Bounty Program, including rewards & how to submit a bug report, head to



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