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  • Anthony Sayers

GameDay Squad Salary Cap Mastery: Unleashing Picasso on Your Team Building Canvas

Building a successful team in GameDay Squad goes beyond acquiring high-tier player cards. It requires strategic thinking and effective utilisation of the salary cap. In this blog, we'll share valuable tips on how to structure your team around the salary cap to maximise its potential and achieve success in the game.

GameDay Squad Salary Cap Mastery: Unleashing Picasso on Your Team Building Canvas

  1. Allocate Higher-Tier Cards Wisely: When constructing your team, consider the positions where high-tier cards will have the most impact. Avoid wasting valuable high-tier cards on less favourable and inconsistent positions like centre and wings. Instead, focus on allocating these cards to positions that have a greater influence on your team's performance.

  2. Prioritise Key Positions: Key positions such as hooker, consistent mids, and high-scoring halves can greatly impact your team's success. Utilize your high-tier cards wisely by assigning them to these positions. A reliable hooker can provide stability, while consistent mids and high-scoring halves can generate valuable points consistently.

  3. Assess Your Card Collection: Take a close look at your card collection and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your players. Decide whether you want a well-balanced team in the capped league or if you prefer to play all your high-tier cards in every position and compete in the open league. Understanding your card collection will help you make informed decisions when selecting players for each position.

  4. Seek Value in Mid-Tier and Low-Tier Cards: While high-tier cards are desirable, mid-tier and low-tier cards can still offer significant value. Look for hidden gems among these cards that can provide consistent performances and contribute to your team's success. Consider their specific strengths, such as work rate, tackling ability, or goal-kicking skills, and utilise them strategically to fill out your team.

  5. Continuously Assess and Adapt: Team building is an ongoing process. Regularly assess the performance of your players, monitor market trends, and adapt your team structure accordingly. Stay updated on player performances, injuries, and positional changes to make informed decisions and maximise your team's potential.

  6. Diversify Your Team: Consider diversifying your team by selecting a mix of player cards from different tiers. Having a balanced spread across all rarity cards can help mitigate the risk of relying solely on high-tier players. This diversification can protect your team's performance if a high-tier player underperforms in a given week.

  7. Picking Your League: Choosing the right league to compete in is an important decision. Consider the advantages of each league and align them with your team-building strategy. Participating in the capped league offers its own set of benefits. As a coach, you receive free bronze cards each week, which can be valuable for filling out your squad and gain additional resources for finding potential trade targets. However, if you have a significant number of higher-tier cards and want to play all your quality stars, the open league may be the preferred option. With no team salary cap restrictions, you have the freedom to unleash your top-tier talent and focus on maximising their impact.

Constructing the correct salary cap strategy in GameDay Squad is coach dependent and requires careful consideration and strategic thinking. Remember to continuously assess and adapt your team to stay competitive. With these tips, you'll be well on your way to building a formidable squad capable of achieving success in any league on GameDay Squad.



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