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  • Hayden Kaer

Six Reasons Why You Should Play GameDay Squad Fantasy Footy

Fantasy sports have a rich history dating back to the 1950s and 1960s, when passionate sports fans began forming leagues where they would draft real-life players into teams and compete based on their performances. Despite this long history, the world of fantasy sports has remained relatively unchanged. At GameDay Squad, we're committed to changing that by offering innovative ways to play fantasy sports. Here are six compelling reasons why you should join us on our platform:

1. Player Packs

Player Packs are the primary way that Player Cards enter the GameDay Squad ecosystem. Each Player Pack contains digital Player Cards that can be used to play fantasy sports on the GameDay Squad platform. We offer several types of packs, each with varying odds of obtaining a Player Card of different rarity levels. The Player Cards that you find in these packs are digital assets that you actually own.

2. The Transfer Market

Because you own the Player Cards in your squad, that means you get to decide what to do with them. One exciting feature of our platform is the in-built Transfer Market, which allows you to buy, sell, and even auction your Player Cards for real money. You can also trade with coaches the old fashioned way - your card for theirs. The Transfer Market is a crucial aspect of our platform, as it offers a dynamic marketplace for coaches to assess the current value of their Player Cards and speculate on their future worth. This creates an engaging environment where users can choose to play GameDay Squad as a List Manager, having to actively manage their collection of Player Cards.

3. Dynasty Fantasy

An essential skill for any successful List Manager is the ability to identify talent at a young age. GameDay Squad is a dynasty sports platform, which means that you retain your Player Cards from season to season. Enabling coaches to build a team over time leads to a genuine sense of ownership of your players and a greater sense of satisfaction when achieving fantasy success. In a dynasty league, every decision can have consequences that affect the fortunes of your team for years to come, just like in the AFL and NRL. GameDay Squad offers a dynamic and challenging environment for coaches to test their skills and demonstrate their prowess as List Managers.

4. Scoring

With a new way to play comes a new way to score. At GameDay Squad, we’ve made some changes to how GameDay Squad scoring works compared to other fantasy sports platforms. Some notable changes include goals being worth more in the Aussie Rules fantasy game and Try's being worth more in the Rugby League fantasy game.If you want to find out more about how GameDay Squad fantasy scores are calculated, check the following pages:

Aussie Rules Scoring

Rugby League Scoring

5. The GameDay Squad Mobile App

Never get caught out by a late injury or miss out on a deal on the Transfer Market again. You can now manage your squad seamlessly from your phone, with all the features of the web platform now available at your fingertips. Download the brand new app today from Google Play or the App Store and take your squad to the next level.

6. Blockchain

Thanks to blockchain technology, fantasy sports are about to get a whole lot more exciting. GameDay Squad platform is leveraging the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to create an unparalleled experience for our coaches unlike anything else currently in the Australian market. Each and every Player Card on the GameDay Squad platform is in the process of becoming a NFT on the Polygon blockchain. All Player Cards will be unique, with each Player Card possessing a distinct identifier in the form of a serial number. This means that even two Player Cards of the same rarity are one-of-a-kind, giving them their own unique value and appeal. Blockchain technology is a game-changer for digital assets, offering a level of ownership and scarcity that was previously impossible. This makes fantasy sports the perfect use case for this technology.



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