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  • Hayden Kaer

GameDay Squad: Retired players and their value

GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy sports platform that allows you to use the Player Cards you own year after year. The best part of this format is being able to pick young guns early in their careers and watch them develop into fantasy superstars over time. But what happens to those superstars as they get older and have to hang up the boots? Does that mean their Player Card becomes worthless? Not exactly.

GameDay Squad: Retired players and their value

GameDay Squad is committed to providing new and exciting ways to engage with the platform beyond fantasy sports. While fantasy sports will always be at the heart of what we do, we recognise the importance of paying tribute to the champions of the game and providing ongoing value to their Player Cards. One way we're doing this is through the upcoming feature, "Squad Building Challenges." This exciting new addition will require coaches to collect a specific set of Player Cards defined by GameDay Squad in order to earn a reward. By including retired players from previous years in these challenges, we're giving coaches a compelling reason to hold onto their trusted veterans, even as they age and become less relevant on the fantasy field.

Another feature that GameDay Squad will boast in the future is ‘The Locker Room”. The Locker Room will be your personal profile and trophy cabinet on our platform. As a coach, your Locker Room will showcase all your hard-earned achievements and awards from GameDay Squad competitions. Additionally, your Locker Room will be the perfect place to showcase your favourite Player Cards, which will be the perfect place to display your favourite retired player that’s been so reliable for you over the years.

If you're fortunate enough to get your hands on a Legend Player Card in GameDay Squad, you're in for long-term benefits that transcend the player's retirement. Owning a Legend card grants you VIP status within the GameDay Squad community, an exclusive and coveted position. These unique assets boast the highest Player Score Multiplier achievable in GameDay Squad, making them a valuable addition to any fantasy sports portfolio. But beyond this, we're planning to enhance the utility of Legend Player Cards by offering their owners special privileges and bonuses in the GameDay Squad ecosystem, such as exclusive discounts and VIP access to live events. So, even if you happen to obtain a Legend Player Card that is about to go into retirement, it can still hold value and open doors to exciting opportunities.

In GameDay Squad, owning a retired player will offer even more benefits in the future, and we're excited about the possibilities. Just because a player's utility as a fantasy sports asset may diminish over time, it doesn't necessarily mean that their value will decrease as well. A prime example of this is the Michael Jordan Rookie card, which remains one of the most valuable NBA trading cards of all time. So, owning a retired player in GameDay Squad could prove to be a good decision, especially as we continue to explore new ways to enhance their value and utility within our ecosystem.



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