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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules 2023: Round 3 Review

How have some new Brisbane additions affected a 2022 star? A young Hawthorn star poised for a massive breakout? This is why you hold your studs through injury! There are so many questions coming out of round 3. But let's turn our attention back to fantasy footy for a second and identify some risers in form and others who should be falling out of favour with all fantasy coaches. Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Will Day, Mason Wood and Hugh McCluggage in a AFL round 3 reveiw


Will Day's gold GameDay Squad player card

Will Day – DEF, Hawthorn Hawks (147 points)

Will Day has taken a massive leap from 2022 to 2023! One of Sam Mitchell's best men has been extreme in the first 3 rounds for Hawthorn and GameDay Squad fantasy owners alike. In a surprise to some, Will Day has averaged the most centre-bounce-attendances for Hawthorn in the past two games, 63% and most recently 65%. With the added opportunity awarded by Sam Mitchell, Day has put up scores of 112, 108 and a huge score of 147 GDS fantasy points in his opening 3 rounds. Listed as a defender in GameDay Squad footy, he's going to be an incredible point-of-difference player going forward!

Tom Stewart's platinum GameDay Squad player card

Tom Stewart – DEF, Geelong Cats (151 points)

He was in my round 2 buy, sell and hold blog as a hold and this is why! Tom Stewart defied sports medicine by returning back to football after one week, which was an initial four-week recovery diagnosis for a knee injury. This is why you hold your studs, Stewart put up a huge score of 151 GDS fantasy points and was everywhere against the Gold Coast Suns. He returns as a top 6 defender with a ceiling as high as anybody's at the defender position. In his next two matches he meets Hawthorn and the West Coast Eagles who should be a tasty matchup for the winless reigning premiers, as they look to bounce back - Tom Stewart will be a massive key to that.

Mason Wood's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Mason Wood – MID, St Kilda Saints (145 points)

Mason Wood has been quietly killing it for St Kilda, owning the wing role he's owned and killing it for fantasy while doing it. Wood has put up scores of 118 GDS fantasy points, 117 GDS fantasy points and the most recently went ballistic for 145 GDS fantasy points in round 3! The 29-year-old has had his best start to a season by a country-mile, averaging 17 kicks, 7 handballs, 8 marks and 3 tackles per game, season-highs in all major stat categories! His current season average of 126 GDS fantasy points makes it really hard to ignore him going forward, especially while superstar Jack Steele is out for a few more weeks.


Andrew McGrath's legend GameDay Squad player card

Andrew McGrath – DEF, Essendon Bombers (92 points)

There was genuine excitement coming into round one when it was announced that Andy McGrath was going to be returning to the half-back line for the Essendon Bombers. His role in the backline has proven to be true, not recording a single CBA through three rounds, but his scores have not equalled the excitement from the McGrath owners. His first three rounds has equated to 96 GDS fantasy points while averaging 24 disposals, 5 marks and 1 tackle a game in a role which we expected to improve his mark to kick gameplay. There are so many in this Essendon lineup that can play that role, namely Jordan Ridley and Mason Redman excelling in the role currently. Until we see some more consistency he should not be selected in your defender lines.

Hugh McCluggage's silver GameDay Squad player card

Hugh McCluggage – MID, Brisbane Lions (83 points)

Off-season projections had Hugh McCluggage backing up his 2022 GDS fantasy average of 120 GDS fantasy points per game and top 15 average ranking league wide, but to this point in the season McCluggage has been nothing short of horrendous. His average of just 76 GDS fantasy points in his first three game leads us to believe that the introductions of Josh Dunkley and Will Ashcroft has affected McCluggage more than we initially may have thought. We can see the detonation in his opportunity when comparing his centre-bounce-attendance percentages in 2022. Last Season McCluggage averaged 55% CBAs per game, so far in 2023... just 42%, which has been propped up by his 70% CBA attendance percentage in round 1, which has been followed up by just 19% and 35% in the subsequent rounds. Unfortunately McCluggage is no longer start-able until we see some added opportunity.

Noah Anderson's diamond GameDay Squad player card

Noah Anderson – MID, Gold Coast Suns (87 points)

A guy that I was personally super high on coming into the season was Gold Coasts young gun Noah Anderson. Much like McCluggage, Anderson was awesome for the Suns last year, averaging 119 GDS fantasy points per game at the age of just 21-years-old. Some natural progression with age and talent was expected from the talented midfielder but has so far proved extremely frustrating. Three scores of 89, 100 and 87 GDS fantasy points in the first three rounds has left a lot to be desired for Anderson owners. The most baffling thing is, the opportunity has been there for Anderson to score well. In his first 3 rounds Anderson has averaged 72% CBAs, which makes the scores he's producing even more confusing.



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