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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules - 2024 Tips & Tricks!

Aussie Rules - 2024 Tips & Tricks: Are you an armchair expert, delving into the minutiae of your favourite ruck rover's center-bounce-attendances from the last round? Have you found yourself dedicating more time to studying for your Aussie Rules fantasy draft night than any high school exam you ever took? Have you ever gone out of your way to position yourself in direct line sight of a TV while pretending to be invested at a family function at approximately 7:40pm on a Friday night? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've come to the right place! At GameDay Squad, we too are (flagrantly) passionate about fantasy sports!

I have been lucky enough or... addicted enough to have a couple of top 10 finishes under my belt including a 1st place finish in 2022! So like you, I am hopelessly in love with the game of fantasy footy and I'm keen to share some thought on what might bring you some GameDay Squad success in 2024!

afl fantasy tips and tricks

Know the scoring system

Statistical stat lines and point allocations can vary significantly from one platform to another and across different sports and games. It's essential to pay close attention to how points are awarded before setting up your starting lineup. For instance, in GameDay Squad footy, midfielders who favour kicking over handballing tend to be among the most valuable assets in the game. This is due to the fact that kicks are valued at four points each, whereas handballs are only worth two. It's definitely in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the point allocations specific to GameDay Squad to optimise your strategy. Be sure to check out the breakdown of stat values here: Aussie Rules Scoring.

Know when the lock-out is

The frantic scramble before the lockout kicks in is a rite of passage for every fantasy coach, a timeless tradition fraught with stories of missed opportunities and regret. Any seasoned fantasy sports enthusiast will likely have a lockout tale, few of which end on a positive note. To sidestep the pitfalls of hindsight, it's crucial to stay informed about the lockout times week by week. Are there Thursday night games in the AFL? Are they late fixtures? Is it a bye-round? These are the questions you should be asking yourself throughout the week to ensure you don't end up with a dreaded zero on your roster when lockout time arrives! You can easily access the lockout countdown above your squad in the 'My Squad' tab for added convenience.

Read up and become familiar with "Dynasty" Fantasy Sports

GameDay Squad stands out as a dynasty-style fantasy sports platform, where you can retain your Player Cards from season to season. Their platform diverges significantly from traditional fantasy sports, continually pushing the boundaries of what fantasy sports can offer. By allowing coaches to build their teams over time, they foster a sense of true ownership of your players. Achieving fantasy success on GameDay Squad is not just about immediate gratification; it's about long-term strategy and investment. This approach cultivates a deeper sense of satisfaction and accomplishment for coaches as they see their teams evolve and flourish season after season. Only you decide if you would like to sell or trade a player! Once you have acquired a player they are yours for season after season!

Understand the tiers and multipliers

GameDay Squad boasts a distinctive feature that sets it apart: the inclusion of different tiers and multipliers assigned to player cards. With six tiers and ascending multipliers, GameDay Squad cards add an extra dimension to player value. This means that players who may not typically shine in other fantasy platforms become viable options in GameDay Squad. Take, for instance, Gold Nick Daicos, who recently scored 102 points at the base level. However, thanks to his platinum status and the 1.3% multiplier attached to him, his score surged to 122 GDS fantasy points. The breakdown of these tiers and multipliers can be easily accessed: Here.

Figure out which league you would like to play in

GameDay Squad currently has two leagues for Aussie Rules. These leagues are identified as the ‘Classic’ and 'Champion' leagues. The two different leagues are actually vastly different from each other, so it will be within your best interest to sit down and work out which league you’d like to compete in. The ‘salary cap’ or ‘Classic’ competition requires coaches to create the best possible team of players each week, without exceeding the salary cap. Your salary cap is impacted by the price of each player card rarity. Bronze = 500k, silver = 550k, gold = 650k, platinum = 750k, diamond = 850k and legend = 1 million. The ‘Champion’ Competition is the closest thing GDS has to a “high rollers” table. Coaches have the ability to use whatever cards are at their disposal and reap the benefits of them. The decision for which league to play in is entirely yours.

Need help deciding which league?

AFL Fantasy Competitions

Know your squad like the back of your hand

GameDay Squad offers a unique reward system that incentivises active participation in the game. Whether it's earning prize packs for securing a top 10 finish for the week or simply logging in to receive starter packs, there are ample opportunities to reap the benefits of playing. However, as your player pool naturally expands, it's essential to stay vigilant about your roster. The last thing you want is to unexpectedly discover a hidden gem like a platinum Marcus Bontempelli buried deep within your squad for example. As the owner, general manager, and coach of your team, it's crucial to stay proactive in managing your roster and stay informed about incoming players. This diligence will undoubtedly pay off in maximising the potential of your squad.

Most importantly...

Above all else, remember to enjoy yourself! GameDay Squad represents fantasy sports at its pinnacle, and the key to getting the most out of it is to have fun. Build your team, forge connections with fellow players, and avoid overcomplicating things. Additionally, keep in mind that the fantasy season is a marathon, not a sprint! Don't lose heart in the face of tough losses, a rocky start to the season, or a rough patch. There are always opportunities in fantasy sports to bounce back. Stay committed, keep persevering, and most importantly, continue to have fun throughout the journey.

Now you have the rundown of what to look out for when playing GameDay Squad, so what are you waiting for? Register now to receive free starter packs to build your squad.



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