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GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Around The Grounds!

In this blog we will have a brief look at the previous and upcoming rounds of the AFL. In round 11, who's performances stood out for the right or wrong reasons and which players made the GDS Squad of the round. With round 12 not too far away, who should coaches consider starting and which players have positive matchups. Have a read below and gain an edge over your competition in GameDay Squad Aussie Rules! Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels: twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Fantasy Football

GDS Squad of the week for round 11

Def- Luke Ryan– 173 - Frem

Def- Christian Salem – 158 - Mel

Def- Jordan Ridley – 158 - Ess

Def- Nick Daicos – 156 - Coll

Def- Jordan Clark – 154 – Frem

Def- Nick Hind – 135 - Ess

Def- Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera – 130 - StK

Mid- Darcy Tucker – 154 - NM

Mid- Jordan Dawson – 153 - Ade

Mid- Lachlan Sholl – 149 - Ade

Mid- Karl Amon – 147 - Haw

Mid- Errol Gulden – 141 – Syd

Mid- Jack Steele – 140 – St K

Ruck- Max Gawn – 179 – Mel

Ruck- Kieren Briggs – 137 - GWS

Fwd- Zac Fisher – 136 - NM

Fwd- Toby Greene – 127 - GWS

Fwd- Todd Marshall – 127 - Port

Fwd- Kyle Langford – 123 - Ess

Fwd- Isaac Heeney – 117 - Syd

Fwd- Darcey Fogerty – 116 - Ade

Fwd- Joe Richards – 111 - Col

Squad Base Total – 2871 GDS points

The performance of the week

Zac Fisher vs Port Adelaide

Zac Fisher wasn’t the highest scorer of the round, but it was the score we needed in a strange week for forwards.

Fisher put together a strong performance scoring 136 GameDay Squad points in what was a big loss for his side. What was interesting about the performance was all of his points came from kicks, handballs and marks. No tackles, goals or free kicks either way which you’d expect from a score like that.

Fisher has found some incredible fantasy form with scores of 124, 130 and 143 in the three games before this so it looks like he has settled nicely into the half back role that Sheezel found so lucrative last season.

What I liked most about this week’s performance was he did it against Port Adelaide who are on paper the hardest team to score against by a significant amount. If he can score 136 against them, I think we can be confident he can do it against any side.

The flop of the week

Rowan Marshall vs Melbourne Demons

I feel like I need to stop talking about Rowan Marshall at some point but this performance couldn’t go without comment. Marshall managed just 11 points by half time and only clawed his way back to 76 points by the end of the game.

The St Kilda ruckman had come off back to back 190+ scores and many were expecting that form to continue but it didn’t take long for us to realise Max Gawn was dominating him in most areas of the game. Marshall managed just 16 hitouts for the entire game to go with his 13 touches.

This season, a lot of Marshall’s points have come from taking the ball out of the ruck and kicking it straight away but that clearly isn’t a viable tactic when coming up against a quality ruckman like Gawn. He also wasn’t helped by the 6 free kicks he conceded which would have come out of frustration.

Even with this round killing score, I don’t think it’s the right time to be dropping Marshall. He comes up against West Coast this week who have been struggling in the ruck department so he should be back to his high disposal games in no time.  


Round 12 Team to Beat (based off available players)

Def- N. Wanganeen-Milera (StK)–GDS average of 120.27 and positional ranking of 4th

Def-Jeremy McGovern– (WC) – GDS average of 91.5 and positional ranking of 31st 

Def- Nick Daicos – (Coll) – GDS average of 128.27 and positional ranking of 3rd

Def-Tom Stewart– (Geel) – GDS average of 97.3 and positional ranking of 19th

Def- Luke Ryan – (Fre) – GDS average of 133.18 and positional ranking of 2nd

Def- Liam Duggan – (WC) – GDS average of 119.09 and positional ranking of 5th

Def- Bailey Dale– (WB) – GDS average of 111 and positional ranking of 11th

Mid- Zach Merrett – (Ess) – GDS average of 128.73 and positional ranking of 5th

Mid- Zak Butters – (Port) – GDS average of 124.64 and positional ranking of 7th

Mid-Marcus Bontempelli– (WB) – GDS average of 116.91 and positional ranking of 11th

Mid- Jordon Dawson - (Ade) – GDS average of 133.09 and positional ranking of 1st

Mid- Nic Martin – (Ess) – GDS average of 130.45 and positional ranking of 2nd

Mid-Jack Steele– (Bris) – GDS average of 121 and positional ranking of 9th

Ruck- Max Gawn – (Mel) – GDS average of 136.09 and positional ranking of 1st

Ruck- Rowan Marshall – (St K) – GDS average of 131.36 and positional ranking of 2nd

Fwd- Bradley Hill– (St K) – GDS average of 100.55 and positional ranking of 4th

Fwd-Gyran Miers– (Geel) – GDS average of 106.64 and positional ranking of 2nd

Fwd-Liam Baker– (Rich) – GDS average of 100.38 and positional ranking of 5th

Fwd-Jeremy Cameron– (Geel) – GDS average of 99.5 and positional ranking of 8th

Fwd- Sam Flanders – (GC) – GDS average of 130.1 and positional ranking of 1st

Fwd-Alex Neal-Bullen– (Mel) – GDS average of 91.64 and positional ranking of 17th

Fwd- Jake Waterman– (WC) – GDS average of 100.10 and positional ranking of 6th


Good week to start…

Dan Houston (Port Adelaide) vs Carlton Blues

Based on who is available this round due to the bye, it would be understandable to think Dan Houston could be a solid option for our backlines but I don’t think he’s the right call this week.

He’s been a relatively consistent scorer with a pretty high ceiling but he faces a tough opponent in Carlton who have been difficult to score against. All season they have only given up 5 scores of 120 GameDay Squad points or more to defenders which is one of the lowest in the competition.

Another surprising factor in this decision is Houston averages 10 points a game less at Adelaide Oval compared to when he plays away. He’s playing at home this week so I don’t know if he will have what is needed to crack into the exclusive 120 points vs Carlton club.

The last reason isn’t really based on facts but playing a risky player on a Thursday can really ruin your weekend. If you miss a good score it’s no where near as bad as having your hopes crushed in the first game.

Expected GDS Score: 90 GDS fantasy points


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