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GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Buy, Sell and Hold!

Welcome to GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Buy, Sell, and Hold! In this dynamic world of fantasy Aussie Rules, navigating player performances and making strategic decisions can make or break your team's success. In this blog, we'll dive into key players worth buying, those to consider selling, and others to hold onto despite initial challenges. Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, join us as we analyse the fantasy landscape and uncover the gems that can elevate your GameDay Squad experience!

Fantasy Sport

Buy: Jack Steele

Position: Midfielder

Team: St Kilda Saints

Average:134.75 GDS points per gam

Fantasy coaches are quickly recognizing Jack Steele as a must-have player this season. His outstanding performances in his first four games have made it abundantly clear that he is back to his dominant best.

His all-around contributions on the field, including his contested possessions, clearances, tackles, and goal involvements, make him an invaluable asset in Gameday Squad. Moreover, Steele's history of reliability and consistency provide coaches with a sense of security, knowing that he is capable of delivering big scores week in and week out.

As the season progresses, Steele's ownership and value in GameDay Squad is expected to soar. Coaches who were initially hesitant to invest in him after last season's disappointment are now rushing to acquire him, so make sure you don’t miss out on any value he might still be offering.


Buy: Isaac Heeney

Position: Forward

Team: Sydney

Average:139.4 GDS points per game

Isaac Heeney's resurgence in form for Sydney has been a welcomed development for both his team and GameDay Squad coaches alike. After battling a variety of injuries and inconsistent performances in recent seasons, Heeney has returned to his best, providing a significant boost to the Swans' Midfield.

What's particularly noteworthy for coaches is Heeney's listing as a forward in GameDay Squad. This designation adds a layer of importance and value to Heeney's fantasy profile, as forwards who consistently contribute for us are highly sought after.

His return to form has coincided with a long Sydney injury list which has some coaches worried that he may return to mediocrity once his midfield teammates return to the field but I’m not so worried. I think Sydney will find a way to keep him around the ball as much as possible which should make him a must have player for all of you.

Keep in mind he does have the bye this week but returns to face Gold Coast and Hawthorn who he should tear up. I haven’t already, buy as soon as possible.


Hold: Jack Macrae

Position: Forward

Team: Western Bulldogs

Average: 57 GDS points per game

The disappointment in Jack Macrae's fantasy output this year stems not from his own shortcomings, but rather from his coaches frustrating decisions. Once hailed as one of the greatest fantasy AFL talents, Macrae's fantasy output has taken a hit due to his reduced role within the team's midfield and difficulty even breaking into Bevos squad (and heart).

He’s had two starts this season after carving it up in the VFL but it feels like he hasn’t been given the chance he truly deserves. His first game he wasn’t used around the ball and likely would have been subbed off if it wasn’t for someone elses injury, and his second game he started as sub. I think we need to give Macrae a bit more of a chance before we pull the pin.

Given his history as a premium midfielder, I think Macrae will be a useful player by the end of the year. Remember, the bar is pretty low for our forward lines this season.  


Hold: Clayton Oliver

Position: Midfielder

Team: Melbourne Demons

Average:104 GDS points per game

Clayton Oliver's rough start to the season may be attributed in part to his off-field issues impacting his preseason. While Oliver showed glimpses of his normal output in the first two games of the season, his form has noticeably dropped off in the subsequent three matches.

Despite these setbacks, it's important for GameDay Squad coaches to remain patient and maintain faith in Oliver's abilities as a top-tier player. His talent and track record speak for themselves, and it's likely only a matter of time before he regains his rhythm and returns to his best form.

In the meantime, I would be looking elsewhere for my starting midfielders but the beauty of GameDay Squad is the fact that we can make as many changes as we need so there’s no pressure to do anything crazy with him. Personally, I’ll be waiting for back-to-back good scores before he comes back.


Sell: James Jordon

Position: Forward

Team: Sydney Swans

Average: 79.6 GDS points per game

James Jordon was heralded as the forward option many GameDay Squad coaches needed at the start of the season, but unfortunately, he failed to live up to the hype. Despite early expectations, Jordon's performances on the field have been underwhelming, leaving fantasy coaches frustrated and disappointed with his lack of production.

Everything seemed to fall into place for him with virtually every other Sydney midfielder being injured for the start of the season yet Jordon still couldn’t capitalise. It looks like Heeney is filling the gap that we hoped Jordon could make his home and things will only get worse as more established midfielders return to the squad.

While it’s disappointing to admit that Jordon didn’t pan out as hoped, it’s important that we cut the cord and move on with our season. If you were one of the people spending over $100 on him pre season, I’m sorry but you’ll have to mark that one down as a loss.


Sell: Alex Sexton

Position: Forward

Team: Gold Coast Suns

Average: 78.67 GDS points per game

Alex Sexton's transition to the half-back line for the Suns offered promise from a fantasy perspective, as it presented an opportunity for increased involvement through his distribution. Indeed, Sexton's ability to find the ball regularly was evident, and he managed to deliver solid fantasy returns during his few games in this new role.

However, despite his proficiency in offensive aspects of the game, Sexton's defensive capabilities fell short of what was required for him to hold onto his spot in the team. It looks like others have moved into that role now so its not looking great for Sexton owners. Given he’s been dropped, I think we need to offload for whatever we can get.


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