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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Round 11 Team To Beat

Join us as Kerm puts on his general manager cap and selects his dream team going into round 11 of the AFL! He'll have the entire player pool to choose from, which should make selecting 6 defenders, 5 midfielders, 1 ruckman, and 6 forwards weekly easy right? Well, let us know who you agree with and who else you might have selected down below on all of our social channels twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

GameDay Squad round 11 team to beat

Defenders (DEF)

I cannot get these defender right! Will Day meh... Tom Stewart poor, even Jordan Dawson sort of let me down this week! Anyway, i'm going to make two changes this week, both the aforementioned Day and Stewart will be making way it somewhat controversial fashion...

Angus Brayshaw

Melbourne Demons

Verses Fremantle Dockers, Saturday at 2:10pm AEST

Round 10 score - 64 GDS fantasy points

Angus Brayshaw has been frankly... Woeful for GameDay Squad Aussie Rules fantasy so far in 2023! Especially when you compare his 2022 average of 117 GDS fantasy points to his depressing 2023 per game average of 88 GDS fantasy points to date. So you must be wondering why in the world I would even consider him here? First of all the match up, I like the midfield Freo match up, especially with Caleb Serong potentially missing the game. But, most of all the Clayton Oliver sized hold that needs filling, we know how good Brayshaw is when he gets midfield minutes, he had a season high 38% centre-bounce-attendance percentage last week, so with all the trends pointing towards midfield Gus Brayshaw, now is the time to jump on and if he burns us, it's the end for him!

James Sicily

Hawthorn Hawks

Verses St Kilda Saints, Saturday at 1:45pm AEST

Round 10 score - 145 GDS fantasy points

James "The Sicilian" Sicily has creeped his way back into the side! His performance against West Coast in round 10 was incredible! 18 kicks, 12 handballs, 11 marks and 4 tackles took him all the way to his monster 145 GDS fantasy points score in round 10. His score aside, it was his interview post match that has peaked my interest. He stated that off the back of his West Coast performance we should expect to see him play as the third or fourth tall down back for Hawthorn, which should allow him the freedom to put up these massive fantasy scores!

Jordan Dawson's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Jordan Dawson

Adelaide Crows

Verses Brisbane Lions, Sunday at 4:40pm AEST

Round 10 score - 101 GDS fantasy points

Jordan Dawson might actually be human! Just 101 GDS fantasy points for him in round 10 which for anyone else in the league is around par but for Dawson, it feels like if he isn't hitting 130+ we're getting scammed. He remains a set and forget, do not panic.

Sam Docherty

Carlton Blues Verses Sydney Swans, Friday at 7:50pm AEST

Round 10 score - 149 GDS fantasy points

Short week for Doc, which for normal ageing people could be a concern but we're talking about Docherty here, who isn't human, he is a fantasy scoring robot machine - must start until further notice.

Hayden Young

Fremantle Dockers Verses Melbourne Demons, Saturday at 2:10pm AEST

Round 10 score - 102 GDS fantasy points


Nick Daicos' silver GameDay Squad player card

Nick Daicos

Collingwood Magpies

Verses North Melbourne Kangaroos, Sunday at 3:20pm AEST

Round 10 score - 92 GDS fantasy points

Round 10 didn't happen. The best player in the league takes on the North Melbourne Kangaroos... Bring your calculators...

Midfielders (MID)

My midfielders have been as safe as houses scoring wise, but injuries are forcing my hand! This weeks news is the worst yet with budding-pig 🐷 , #1 ranked midfielder in GDS, Clayton Oliver injuring his hamstring 🐷, ruling him out for up to four weeks! Someones going to have to keep his seat warm for a few weeks, unfortunately.

Rory Laird's silver GameDay Squad player card

Rory Laird

Adelaide Crows

Verses Brisbane Lions, Sunday at 4:40pm AEST

Round 10 score - 151 GDS fantasy points

It's really hard not to get extremely excited off the back of Rory Laird's round 10 performance given his history in footy fantasy. Laird has the scoring power to become the leagues leading scorer and we saw glimpses in round 10 of that ability. Get the pressure sensors out over the next few weeks because he feels like a volcano ready to explode.

Sam Walsh

Carlton Blues Verses Sydney Swans, Friday at 7:50pm AEST

Round 10 score - 104 GDS fantasy points

Even with George Hewett omitted from the Carlton side, Walsh couldn't claim back his "normal" 80+% share of centre-bounce-attendances. His role still scares me to my soul but he hasn't fallen below triple digits yet... So business as usual I guess.

Andrew Brayshaw

Fremantle Dockers Verses Melbourne Demons, Saturday at 2:10pm AEST

Round 10 score - 151 GDS fantasy points

Anything you can do, I can do better. Andy Brayshaw saw to Rory Laird. Laird and Brayshaw going head to head in fantasy feels similar to Frazier vs Ali in an obsessed with fantasy sports 20-something year old way. Potential dangerous obsessions aside, Brayshaw is fully back in form and if you have him, consider yourself extremely lucky!

Zach Merrett

Essendon Bombers

Verses West Coast Eagles, Saturday at 7:40pm AEST

Round 10 score - 186 GDS fantasy points

I do apologise to Marcus Bontempelli and his fans, he was next on the list but Zach Merrett off the back of scoring 186 GDS fantasy points, in a midfield without Darcy Parish and Will Setterfield and an opposition that is the West Coast Eagles... you cannot, not have Merrett in your lineups this week!

Tom Green's gold GameDay Squad player card

Tom Green

Greater Western Sydney Giants Verses Geelong Cats, Saturday at 4:35pm AEST

Round 10 score - 124 GDS fantasy points

Tom Green is very good.

Ruckman (RUCK)

Genuine set and forget right now...

Tim English's platinum GameDay Squad player card

Tim English

Western Bulldogs

Verses Gold Coast Suns, Saturday at 7:25pm AEST

Round 10 score - 139 GDS fantasy points

#1 ranked ruckman based on average

#1 ranked ruckman based on total scoring

The numbers speak for themselves

Forwards (FWD)

Once again, the forwards were elite! I'm going to make a change based on love, keep reading to find out who I love... And the player making way is Harry Sheezel. The guy is a freak of nature, and an elite fantasy asset but his role did change slightly under Rattan which is a little concerning but ultimately for owners, I really don't think it changes his production that much, if anything at all.

Jack Dunkley's gold GameDay Squad player card

Josh Dunkley

Brisbane Lions

Verses Adelaide Crows, Sunday at 4:40pm AEST

Round 10 score - 139 GDS fantasy points

Josh Dunkley is starting to string them together now. In fact, I have him finishing at the #1 ranked forward rest of season.

Zak Butters

Port Adelaide Power

Verses Richmond Tigers, Sunday at 1:10pm AEST

Round 10 score - 178 GDS fantasy points

Zak Butters is hummingggggggg! One of my favourite players in the league to watch and to own in fantasy footy. Butters is a player who historically, can burn you with a low score whether it be due to injury or role but, he has one of the highest fantasy scoring ceilings in the league and he's a fun player to own in GDS Aussie Rules.

Tim Taranto's legend GameDay Squad player card

Tim Taranto

Richmond Tigers

Verses Port Adelaide Power, Sunday at 1:10pm AEST

Round 10 score - 141 GDS fantasy points

I've literally run out of things to say about this bloke.

Stephen Coniglio's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Stephen Coniglio

Greater Western Sydney Giants Verses Geelong Cats, Saturday at 4:35pm AEST

Round 10 score - 133 GDS fantasy points

Coniglio once once again led GWS for fantasy scoring in round 10 with 133 GDS fantasy points and with fellow midfielder Josh Kelly succumbing to a hamstring injury expect the ball to fall into Coniglio's hands even more! Must start.

Jack Ziebell

North Melbourne Kangaroos

Verses Collingwood Magpies, Sunday at 3:20pm AEST

Round 10 score - 115 GDS fantasy points

The ZieGULL was good again in round 10 and he faces the league leading Collingwood Magpies in round 11. Expect approximately 700 GDS fantasy points from kick-ins alone.

Errol Gulden

Sydney Swans Verses Carlton Blues, Friday at 7:50pm AEST

Round 10 score - 125 GDS fantasy points

Still arguably the most inform fantasy player in all of GameDay Squad Aussie Rules right now. He's a fair dinkum must start.

Fringe players that just missed out on the starting 18.

Jake Lloyd (DEF) - Sydney Swans

Nic Newman (DEF) - Carlton Blues

Tom Stewart (DEF) - Geelong Cats

Luke Ryan (DEF) - Fremantle Dockers

Brad Crouch (MID) - St Kilda Saints

Jack Steele (MID) - St Kilda Saints

Marcus Bontempelli (MID) - Western Bulldogs

Tim Kelly (MID) - West Coast Eagles Rowan Marshall (RUCK) - St Kilda Saints

Toby Greene (FWD) - Greater Western Sydney

Jeremy Cameron (FWD) - Geelong Cats

Jodan De Goey (FWD) - Collingwood Magpies

Harry Sheezel (FWD) - North Melbourne Kangaroos



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