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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Round 19 Trading Targets

Bailey Scott the new hotness? Max Gawn's timely reminder that he's the best ruckman in the competition? Is it time to consider off-season moves with your fantasy team? There's a ton of questions leading into the back end of the 2023 season and we are here to try and answer them all! It's time now to get firmly stuck into some fantasy chatter! GameDay Squad is a little bit different to your more traditional AFL Fantasy and AFL Supercoach platforms. Some features that make it a little bit of a different experience are:

  1. There are no weekly trade restrictions, this means that you can take your MRO frustrations out stress free.

  2. In GDS the cards you use to play are virtual player cards which you can collect from player card packs, with that, there is a fully functioning peer-to-peer transfer market which you can trade, auction and sell player cards that you own. Yes, this means that you can not only rage trade but rage sell all of your James Sicily cards!

  3. It’s also essential to keep in mind that GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy football platform and that will be heavily taken into consideration in this article.

Let us know your thoughts on who we have included below on all of our socials - twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Buy, Sell and Hold for AFL round 1


Bailey Scott

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Defender (DEF)

Bailey Scott is another dynasty prospect who is flying severely under the radar at the moment. Averaging a cool 96 GDS fantasy points at 23 years of age, the young inside bull turned half-back flanker has enjoyed being trusted with the ball in his hands in the second half of the 2023 season. His 2023 season broken in half really does prove just how much he has taken his game to another level. Through the first 9 rounds of the season Scott averaged a fairly poor 73 GDS fantasy points by his standards, but has gone on to average 117 GDS fantasy points through rounds 10-18, an incredible improvement and a discrepancy owners of Bailey Scott owners will love! Heading into round 19 Scott is coming off a career high 160 GDS fantasy points and meets a St Kilda team who leaks the second most points to medium defenders league wide. Load up!

Max Gawn

Melbourne Demons - Ruck (RUCK)

To absolutely no ones surprise, Max Gawn is good at footy! And if you didn't know, now you know. I harped on earlier in the season about the duo-ruck scenarios around the league and how bad it was for fantasy footy, but if there was ever a time one of the duo's either got injured or omitted, the other would be an automatic must-start. We saw it with Brodie Grundy when Gawn himself was injured at the beginning of the season and we saw it with Luke Jackson when he has the opportunity to solo ruck. Max Gawn finally got his turn with his star partner Brodie Grundy controversially being left off the whiteboard and boy did he remind everyone of how dominant he is. A season high 182 GDS fantasy points thanks to 13 kicks, 16 handballs, 5 marks, 7 tackles, 39 hit-outs and a goal is enough to wonder if Grundy will ever break back into this Demons side... for Gawn owners, fingers crossed he cant...


Dom Sheed/Tim Kelly

West Coast Eagles - Midfielder (MID)

Dom Sheed/Tim Kelly (and the same can honestly be said about any of the older West Coast midfielders this year) should absolutely be considered a sell at this point of the season. Dom Sheed is coming off some boom or bust outings and to be fair to Tim Kelly he has been immense considering the dumpster fire he is in but with the way the Eagles season has gone, you should expect Simpson to see what he has with his young midfield brigade in Elijah Hewett and Reuben Ginbey as the season heads to it's twilight for the bottom 8. Owners should then consider the potential for a rebuild over the off-season. West Coast are too good and big of a club to be pinned down at 18 for long. There's a lot of news about gods gift to footy and consensus number one pick in the 2023 draft Harley Reid, but I don't think the acquisitions stop there over the off-season. GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy sports platform as we know, it might be best to cash in on your 2023 West Coast mids while you still can!

Cameron Zurhaar

North Melbourne Kangaroos - Forward (FWD)

At 25 years old, going on 26, i'm really not sure Cam Zurhaar has the minerals to be "that guy" in a fantasy sense. He's a player who can be immense in patches for North and can even prove to boom at times in a fantasy sense but considering he's been allowed some more midfield time and keeping in mind the slew of young midfield talent coming through this North side, I think it's safe to assume what we have in Zurhaar, at least from a fantasy footy standpoint.


Ed Richards

Western Bulldogs - Defender (DEF)

Ed Richards is having a good, but not great fantasy season so far but I think he's shown enough to be excited about the not too distant future regarding his fantasy scoring ability. There's a lot of speculation (Emphasis on speculation) about Bailey Smith's future and whether he will be wearing the blue, red and white in 2024. How does Ed Richards fit into this? If Smith is to be moved on, we SHOULD then see Caleb Daniel continue his role in the Bulldogs midfield rotation, then in turn maintaining or even increasing Richards' role down back for the dogs. I'm confident we haven't seen the best of Richards yet, at 24 years of age and averaging 97 GDS fantasy points this season, you will be remise to move on from him too early.

Neil Erasmus

Fremantle Dockers - Midfielder (MID)

Don't say I didn't tell you! I've been on this Neil Erasmus push all season long and although we won't be seeing 130+ GDS fantasy scores consistently, it was nice to see Erasmus hit 131 GDS fantasy points from his first real midfield opportunity. Without Serong in the mix, Erasmus got his chance an put up 13 kicks, 13 handballs, 3 marks and 10 tackles to just prove to everyone that if given the opportunity he absolutely has the chance to become a viable fantasy option.


The information contained in the article is not intended and should not be understood or construed as financial advice. As always please do your own research, my placing history suggests you should absolutely do your own research!


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