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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Round 20 Trading Targets

Which Brayshaw am I selecting heading into round 20? Can this Swan ever shake his role in the team? Don't let other coaches get their hands on this player! There's a ton of questions leading into the back end of the 2023 season and we are here to try and answer them all! It's time now to get firmly stuck into some fantasy chatter! GameDay Squad is a little bit different to your more traditional AFL Fantasy and AFL Supercoach platforms. Some features that make it a little bit of a different experience are:

  1. There are no weekly trade restrictions, this means that you can take your MRO frustrations out stress free.

  2. In GDS the cards you use to play are virtual player cards which you can collect from player card packs, with that, there is a fully functioning peer-to-peer transfer market which you can trade, auction and sell player cards that you own. Yes, this means that you can not only rage trade but rage sell all of your James Sicily cards!

  3. It’s also essential to keep in mind that GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy football platform and that will be heavily taken into consideration in this article.

Let us know your thoughts on who we have included below on all of our socials - twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Buy, Sell and Hold for AFL round 1


Angus Brayshaw

Melbourne Demons - Defender (DEF)

I'm... Sort of... Coming back around to the Angus Brayshaw train to end the 2023 season! With Clayton Oliver still out of the picture with his hamstring/infection/mystery injury and Christian Salem healthy and playing good footy off the half-back line, we have seen Brayshaw re-enter the Melbourne Demons engine room. In his last 5 games, Brayshaw has averaged 67% centre-bounce-attendances which has taken hi last 5 game average up to 110 GDS fantasy points per game, 15 points greater than his season to date average. We know that historically when Brayshaw plays in the guts he's a different animal and he could be a fantastic point-of-difference option to end your season.

Nic Newman

Carlton Blues - Defender (DEF)

With Carlton's quarterback Sam Docherty enjoying getting off the leash in a position change higher up the ground, team mate Nic Newman has relished being the lead boot outside of defensive 50 in recent times. Averaging 107 GDS fantasy points per game and averaging 111 GDS fantasy points (four scores above 100) in his last five games, he's become a really solid consistent option. In a period of the season where coaches might be looking ahead to 2024, dealing trades and off-loading some big names, someone like Newman could be an incredible point-of-difference to end the season. Carlton have a tough forward 50 but an easy-ish defensive 50 match up schedule to end the season facing Collingwood, St Kilda, Melbourne, Gold Coast and GWS, lock and load Nic Newman.


Isaac Heeney

Sydney Swans - Forward (FWD)

27 years-old now and heading into 28 by the time season 2024 rolls around and I think i'm genuinely ready to cut ties with Isaac Heeney. Season after season fantasy coaches have frothed over the prospect of consistent midfield time for Heeney and with a midfield depth of Luke Parker, Chad Warner, Callum Mills, James Rowbottom, Errol Gulden and Angus Sheldrick to over take in the depth chart, i'm just not liking his chances. While he's stuck up forward I think the same story will continue for Heeney, he'll be relatively boom or bust and no where near as trustworthy as we once thought he might be.

Archie Perkins

Essendon Bombers - Forward (FWD)

I fear that we might see a little bit of Isaac Heeney-itis in Archie Perkins as well... Perkins was drafted to as a predominant midfielder coming into the league but like Heeney, with players like Zach Merrett, Darcy Parish, Will Setterfield and Dylan Shiel all ahead of him, it's been hard to get a genuine crack at any real midfield time. What Perkins doe have in his favour is his age, he's still young an he can still make an impact but there are some players around him in a similar age bracket like Ben Hobbs, Elijah Tsatas, Nic Martin and Jye Caldwell who all lookk to have a better chance at nailing down a prominent midfield role.


Charlie Curnow

Carlton Blues - Forward (FWD)

The Coleman Medal club house leader 20 rounds into the AFL season, Curnow is enjoying himself an incredible season so far. His most eye-catching outing came just last week in round 19 against the West Coast Eagles as he slotted 10 goals for 186 GDS fantasy points. While Curnow is having his best GDS fantasy season to date, averaging 108 GDS fantasy points per game so far this season, I think it would be smart to temper expectations slightly to close out the season. With Curnow already having a target on his back as the Coleman Medal leader, he'll face Darcy Moore, Callum Wilkie, Steven May, Sam Collins/Charlie Ballard and Sam Taylor in one on one match ups to end the season. While he shouldn't be shopped around, I think it would be best to park him in your reserves to avoid those nasty matchups.

Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera

St Kilda Saints - Midfielder (MID)

To end the season coaches will need to be on their toes as there are snakes in the grass! These snakes are rival coaches looking towards 2024 and trying to pick up some extra value. A prime example of this is for a player like Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera who has broken out in a big way in 2023, averaging 109 GDS fantasy points per game and establishing himself as the line-breaking ball user out of defence for St Kilda this year. The issue is, that in GDS Aussie Rules fantasy, NWM is listed as a midfielder which renders him relatively unusable, where if he was listed in his true position as a defender he would almost be an auto-select. The forward thinking coaches around the country will look to obtain these NWM cards with an impending position change which will inevitably increase someone like NWM's value. Don't get caught lacking and tay on your toes out there!


The information contained in the article is not intended and should not be understood or construed as financial advice. As always please do your own research, my placing history suggests you should absolutely do your own research!


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