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GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Round 6 Buy, Sell and Hold!

Welcome to GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Buy, Sell, and Hold! In this dynamic world of fantasy Aussie Rules, navigating player performances and making strategic decisions can make or break your team's success. In this blog, we'll dive into key players worth buying, those to consider selling, and others to hold onto despite initial challenges. Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, join us as we analyse the fantasy landscape and uncover the gems that can elevate your GameDay Squad experience!

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Buy: Noah Anderson

Position: Midfielder

Team: Gold Coast Suns

Average:137.8 GDS points per gam

Noah Anderson's recent performances have been nothing short of extraordinary, with an impressive average of 142 GameDay squad points over his last three games with scores of 118, 131 and 176. This outstanding consistency should places him at the front of any coaches mind when selecting their midfield.

One of Anderson's key strengths lies in his ability to accumulate possessions at a prolific rate, consistently ranking among the top players in terms of disposals. In fact, he has recorded the highest number of possessions of any player in his last two games, contributing to what we can trust as a high fantasy floor.

With such impressive statistics, Anderson has cemented himself as the leading prospect of the three elite midfielders Gold Coasts are lucky enough to have. That’s not to say Miller or Rowell are bad options. I just believe if you’re looking to start just one, Anderson should be your man.

Buy: Bradley Hill

Position: Forward

Team: St Kilda Saints

Average:106.6 GDS points per game

Bradley Hill is someone I almost didn’t include in this list. Not because I was unsure if he was a good buy, but because I wanted to keep this point of difference for myself.

Over the past 3 rounds Hill has been dominant, averaging 131 points in this time. This was capped off with a massive 175 points last round where he managed 24 kicks, 9 handballs, 13 marks and even a goal.

Prior to these last 3 weeks Hill was only averaging 70 which might have a few coaches concerned but I’m here to assure you there’s nothing to worry about. I believe the 61 point swing in average has come due to the injury of teammate Mason Wood. Hill has slotted into his role which is what he had been doing several years ago.

At the time of writing this blog there is one of his diamond cards available on the transfer market for just $15. If that doesn’t tell you he will be a point of difference I don’t know what will!

Hold: Tim English

Position: Ruck

Team: Western Bulldogs

Average: 108.0 GDS points per game

If you’d told me at the start of the season that Tim English would only be the 5th highest averaging ruck by round 6 I would have called you crazy. After 2023, English was probably the player I had the most confidence in to continue at the top of his position but that clearly hasn’t been the case.

It looks like English has been replace by Gawn to sit alongside Marshall as the must start combination of rucks but I don’t think 2024 will be as simple as last year.

Previously we didn’t have to put too much though into this position unless there was an injury or bye but I think there is real opportunity to play around in this area and play some more unique options. Because of this I think we should hold onto English and look to use him in some of the more favourable match ups. Its also important to note Gawn and Nankervis both have the bye this round so English will likely be required.

Hold: James Sicily

Position: Defender

Team: Hawthorn Hawks

Average: 91.4 GDS points per game

James Sicily's current role in the team marks a notable departure from his usual fantasy-friendly playing style, presenting a challenge for GameDay Squad coaches. Historically known for his prolific scoring and dynamic contributions across the backline, Sicily's shift to a less fantasy-friendly role may initially cause concern among fantasy enthusiasts.

As he adapts to this new position, Sicily's fantasy output has understandably taken a hit, with his scoring potential somewhat diminished compared to his previous performances. However, despite this temporary setback, coaches are advised to exercise patience and hold onto Sicily.

The key to understanding Sicily's current predicament lies in the context of his team's injury woes. With key teammates sidelined, Sicily has been forced to adjust his role within the team to compensate for the absence of key personnel. This adjustment has led to a shift in his playing responsibilities, resulting in a reduction in fantasy production. He’s currently only averaging 91.4 but if you subtract his only decent score in round 2, he’s only averaging 79.5.

Nevertheless, coaches should remain optimistic about Sicily's fantasy prospects moving forward. Once his teammates return from injuries and the team's lineup stabilizes, Sicily is expected to revert to his old ways and resume his old role within the team. His proven track record and undeniable talent make him a valuable asset worth holding onto, with the potential for a significant fantasy resurgence on the horizon.

Sell: Clayton Oliver

Position: Midfielder

Team: Melbourne Demons

Average: 96.8 GDS points per game

I gave Oliver a chance in last weeks blog, listing him as a hold but his performance against Brisbane has quickly shifted him into the sell category. I don’t know what’s going on with him but he can’t be taking up a spot in our midfield with scores like 61.

I have no doubt that Oliver will be back on the buy list which should probably make him a hold but I just like the thought of having the option to bring him on in a moment of weakness. There are constantly questions around various minor injuries that could be holding him back but until he puts together 5 consistent scores (last week I asked for back to back but I don’t think that’s enough anymore) I’ll be looking to the likes of Walsh and Steele with a lot more confidence.

Sell: Patrick Dangerfield

Position: Midfielder

Team: Geelong

Average: 122.5 GDS points per game

This is a strange one but hear me out. Patrick Dangerfield is currently averaging 122.5 GameDay Squad points from the two games he’s played this season. That means he’s currently averaging more than players like Butters, Brayshaw, Bontempelli, Dawson and Miller which looks very impressive. If someone were to filter the transfer market by average score he would show up near the top and hopefully catch an unsuspecting coaches eye.

He's due to return to the lineup this week and while I think he’ll keep up some decent scores, I don’t think there will be a better time to cash in on any cards you have lying around unused. Ethically I think its ok to try and sell him like this because some coaches may actually get some value out of him short term, it’s just unfortunate he’s listed as a gameday squad midfielder.

The reason I don’t think you should hold onto Dangerfield cards is his age. The difference between GameDay Squad and other fantasy competitions is the legacy aspect. While he may be having a good season, its unlikely that he will have many more like this given he’s already 34 years of age. Offload what you can and reinvest in some youth.


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