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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Round 9 Team To Beat

Join us as Kerm puts on his general manager cap and selects his dream team going into round 9 of the AFL! He'll have the entire player pool to choose from, which should make selecting 6 defenders, 5 midfielders, 1 ruckman, and 6 forwards weekly easy right? Well, let us know who you agree with and who else you might have selected down below on all of our social channels twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Round 9 AFL Fantasy team of the week

Defenders (DEF)

The worst collective performance from my defence all year... 626 GDS fantasy points for the group combined is frankly pathetic! Jordan Dawson is excused, another unreal performance from arguably the best defender in the game right now. As for the others... they are all on the chopping block! Except for Daicos, we love Daicos.

Tom Stewart

Geelong Cats

Verses Richmond Tigers, Friday at 7:20pm AEST

Round 8 score - 108 GDS fantasy points

Far from what we would have hoped for from Stewart. Uncharacteristically, Stewarts points were generated in small spurts in the game, he wasn't really able to get in a groove and score consistently like he usually does. Let this be a warning to him, I love the match up against Geelong on tomorrow night, so he retains his position as a top six defender, but we need those 120+ scores back.

Will Day's legend GameDay Squad player card

Will Day

Hawthorn Hawks

Verses Melbourne Demons, Saturday at 4:35pm AEST

Round 8 score - 102 GDS fantasy points

In his debut for the team of the week he could only muster up 102 GDS fantasy points... Again, not happy Jan but I still have him in my own GDS team so I can't really kick him out of this one. I feel like the matchup against the Dees plays into his play style. Where he can lean on his tackling, grubby inside work but also find the ball on the outside if needed. His game will likely go one of two ways, 140+ or below 90, and we love a risk.

Jordan Dawson's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Jordan Dawson

Adelaide Crows

Verses St Kilda Saints, Sunday at 1:10pm AEST

Round 8 score - 139 GDS fantasy points

It's Jordan Dawson's world and we're just living in it. He is unstoppable at the moment! Another score over 139 GDS points and faces a St Kilda Side who has leaked the second most fantasy points to opposing sides so far this year! Ominous!

Sam Docherty

Carlton Blues Verses Western Bulldogs, Sunday at 7:30pm AEST

Round 8 score - 151 GDS fantasy points

Our first replacement of the week! Sam Docherty replaces Jack Sinclair who for me, has just been too up and down and unreliable. Doch however, looked back to his very best in round 8! Polling 151 GDS fantasy points with relative ease. Docherty returned to that worrying high half-back role that was a bit of an issue before his injury and even tallied up 25% centre-bounce-attendances on the night but if theres any sign of this man scoring well, you have to trust the process.

Luke Ryan

Fremantle Dockers Verses Sydney Swans, Saturday at 1:45pm AEST

Round 8 score - 123 GDS fantasy points

Too many low scores now for James Sicily and i've lost my patience so, Luke Ryan is back in the side after spending a week in the magoos! I was tempted to go with his teammate Hayden Young in all honestly but Ryan has the track record at the moment and it’s hard to ignore. He bounced back well in round 8, scoring 123 GDS points and Freo will look to lean on him down back for stability in a must win match against the Swans. Neither of these two teams will want to go to 3 and 6.

Nick Daicos' silver GameDay Squad player card

Nick Daicos

Collingwood Magpies

Verses Sydney Swans at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne Sunday at 3:20pm AEST

Round 8 score - 103 GDS fantasy points

Literally the best player in the game... But actually looked human for the first time probably ever in his footy career. Targeting, bullying, tagging, whatever you want to call it, Daicos got all of it in round 9 and only just scraped over the triple digits thanks to a late surge of points and relief from Ryan Clarke. Will Perryman go back and give him some attention this weekend or will he run free?

Midfielders (MID)

The midfielders are becoming a problem now! There’s a handful like Andy Brayshaw, Adam Cerra, Marcus Bontempelli, who all deserve a slot in this team to beat but the guys already in there haven’t done anything to warrant me dropping anyone! Brayshaw especially is very stiff not to be featured after his monster 183 outing in round 8. He will pounce as soon as one of the five already named disappoint.

Rory Laird's silver GameDay Squad player card

Rory Laird

Adelaide Crows

Adelaide Crows

Verses St Kilda Saints, Sunday at 1:10pm AEST

Round 8 score - 120 GDS fantasy points

Good again from Laird, I feel he’s almost back to his clinical best. Like his teammate Jordan Dawson, he faces St Kilda who have conceded the second most amount of fantasy points to oppositions so far this season. Lock and load for Laird.

Sam Walsh

Carlton Blues

Carlton Blues Verses Western Bulldogs, Sunday at 7:30pm AEST

Round 8 score - 121 GDS fantasy points

I genuinely don’t know how he’s doing it but Walsh is like a seagull to a chip at the moment. He only saw 48% of CBA’s in round 8 (Can someone tell me why Voss is infatuated with George Hewett so much?) but still managed a score of 121 GDS fantasy points. Scary to think what his scores will look like when he returns to 80+ percentage CBA games…

Darcy Parish's diamond GameDay Squad player card

Darcy Parish

Essendon Bombers

Verses Brisbane Lions, Saturday at 7:25pm AEST

Round 8 score - 132 GDS fantasy points

Maybe my favourite midfielder to own this year! He has been rock solid in 2023, eight consecutive score over 100+ GDS fantasy points and has a low score of 105 GDS fantasy points. Some floor from an inside mid! He's a set and forget for me at the moment, absolute stud!

Clayton Oliver's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Clayton Oliver

Melbourne Demons

Verses Hawthorn Hawks, Saturday at 4:35pm AEST

Round 8 score - 118 GDS fantasy points

Under par from Oliver but he's still the second highest averaging midfielder in the game right now! It'd be silly to drop him, I doubt he'll leave this side at all this year.

Tom Green's gold GameDay Squad player card

Tom Green

Greater Western Sydney Giants Verses Collingwood Magpies, Sunday at 4:40pm AEST

Round 8 score - 196 GDS fantasy points

I mean... what?! 196 GDS fantasy points... Becomes the highest averaging midfielder in the game right now... Some breakout Tom Green is having and i'm glad I have him in this side!

Ruckman (RUCK)

Genuine set and forget right now...

Tim English's platinum GameDay Squad player card

Tim English

Western Bulldogs

Verses Carlton Blues, Saturday at 7:30pm AEST

Round 8 score - 166 GDS fantasy points

#1 ranked ruckman based on average

#1 ranked ruckman based on total scoring

The numbers speak for themselves

Forwards (FWD)

Forwards have gone from the driest positional group in the game to the cream of the crop! Three score over 190+ GDS fantasy points in round 8! Let that sink in, some changes will be made this week, not because anyone has done anything wrong, but these huge scores cannot be ignored...

Jack Dunkley's gold GameDay Squad player card

Josh Dunkley

Brisbane Lions

Verses Essendon Bombers, Saturday at 7:25pm AEST

Round 8 score - 199 GDS fantasy points

This is why you trust and put faith in your premiums! Josh Dunkley has been far from 2022 Josh Dunkley, but after a slow start, Dunkley has gone BANG! For 199 GDS fantasy points. The scary part is, he doesn't even have the highest score of the round! I'm hoping Dunkley goes on with this score now, i'm backing him in to.

Harry Sheezel's silver GameDay Squad player card

Harry Sheezel

North Melbourne Kangaroos

Verses Port Adelaide Power, Saturday at 2:10pm AEST

Round 8 score - 116 GDS fantasy points

Very good again from the Prince Harry Sheezel. Solid 116 GDS fantasy points while he helped team mate Jack Ziebell to his eye-watering score. I like the matchup on Saturday against Port Adelaide, keep him in your sides.

Tim Taranto's legend GameDay Squad player card

Tim Taranto

Richmond Tigers

Verses Geelong Cats, Friday at 7:20pm AEST

Round 8 score - 135 GDS fantasy points

I've literally run out of things to say about this bloke.

Stephen Coniglio's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Stephen Coniglio

Greater Western Sydney Giants Verses Collingwood Magpies, Sunday at 4:40pm AEST

Round 8 score - 91 GDS fantasy points

Stephen Coniglio is so good, but failed to fire in round 8. Just 91 GDS fantasy points on the day, but he's been super solid this year. Expect a bounce back.

Jack Ziebell

North Melbourne Kangaroos

Verses Port Adelaide Power, Saturday at 2:10pm AEST

Round 8 score - 202 GDS fantasy points




GDS fantasy points! Just 10 points off Andy Brayshaw's high score of 212 set in 2022. Absolutely unbelievable game from the ZieGULL in round 8 and it obviously can't be ignored. Ziebell has been good all year and deserves to be in this team anyway.

Errol Gulden

Sydney Swans Verses Fremantle Dockers, Saturday at 1:45pm AEST

Round 8 score - 195 GDS fantasy points

Just the third highest score amongst forwards from last round and it's Errol Gulden's 195 GDS fantasy points! Far out, these scores are getting dizzying. We know that Gulden has these types of scores in him. He actually broke the GDS record in this years preseason, so this isn't a complete surprise. Can he eclipse it in a competitive game this weekend? Let's hope so.

Fringe players that just missed out on the starting 18.

Jake Lloyd (DEF) - Sydney Swans

Nic Newman (DEF) - Carlton Blues

Wil Powell (DEF) - Gold Coast Suns

Hayden Young (DEF) - Fremantle Dockers

Brad Crouch (MID) - St Kilda Saints

Andrew Brayshaw (MID) - Fremantle Dockers

Marcus Bontempelli (MID) - Western Bulldogs

Tim Kelly (MID) - West Coast Eagles Rowan Marshall (RUCK) - St Kilda Saints

Toby Greene (FWD) - Greater Western Sydney

Jeremy Cameron (FWD) - Geelong Cats

Jodan De Goey (FWD) - Collingwood Magpies

Zak Butters (FWD) - Port Adelaide Power



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