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  • Kyle Lomas

GameDay Squad Rugby League - Round 14 Trading Targets

Can we rely on Scott Drinkwater to maintain these high attacking stats? Who are some solid non-origin players to keep in mind over the rep period? Can Greg Marzhew keep scoring tries? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the round 14 preview of buy, sell and hold. It’s essential to keep in mind that GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy football platform and that will be heavily taken into consideration in this article. Let us know your thoughts on who we have included below on all of our socials - twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Buy, Sell, Hold for round 5 of the NRL


Scott Drinkwater's platinum GameDay Squad player card

Scott Drinkwater

North Queensland Cowboys - Winger/Fullback (WFB)

Drinky plays all major bye rounds and is the form fullback you really want over this period. Currently the Cows best player by far in the past 3 weeks, he’s just into everything! Even though the Cowboys aren’t winning games Drinky still seems to amass decent scores.

He has good attacking stats as he is such a busy fullback that the Cowboys rely heavily on, especially in shape out the back, he looks great! Being a fullback that has played in the halves he has the vision to be able to play eyes up footy but also has a handy boot on him to help with the general play kicking duties which contributes to his decent GameDay Squad scoring.

Greg Marzhew's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Greg Marzhew

Newcastle Knights - Winger/Fullback (WFB)

With the Knights on the bye this week you have a couple of weeks to get yourself this blockbusting Winger/Fullback who is bigger than most on field! Topping the scoring for round 13, Marzhew amassed 3 tries, 3 line breaks, 11 tackle busts, an offload and 173 meters gained on his way to 95 GDS points. Marzhew has now scored 10 tries in his 9 games for the Knights this season and there is no sign of him slowing down anytime soon. We know wingers can be inconsistent but for me I think Marzhew will keep scoring tries and registering high attacking stats. The way his centre partner Bradman Best is playing and star fullback Kalyn Ponga running sweeping plays to the left I feel Best and Marzhew will continue to benefit from this if the Knights continue to score points.


Clint Gutherson's gold GameDay Squad player card

Clint Gutherson

Parramatta Eels - Winger/Fullback (WFB)

With the way the Parramatta Eels are playing Gutherson just does not seem to register any sort of decent points. With a high score of 85 GDS points this season his second best after this is only 62. Gutho always has good run meters (RM) but relies heavily on attacking stats to help his scoring. These are something he just does not register enough consistently with star halves Moses and Brown demanding a lot of ball which in turn denies Gutho the ability to create much attack from the #1 jersey.

Jaydn Su'As silver GameDay Squad player card

Jaydn Su'A

St George Illawarra Dragons - Edge-Forward (EDG)

Unfortunately for the Dragons in form edge Jaydn Su’A was ruled out late with a calf injury that looks set to rule him out for a couple of weeks. There were some GDS coaches that considered playing Su’A as a nice point-of-difference option but were forced to make a change when Su’A was ruled out (including myself). Once Su’a is back on deck, give him a week or two before considering playing him on your edge as we know calf injuries have a high re-injury rate.


Connelly Lemuelu's diamond GameDay Squad player card

Connelly Lemuelu

Dolphins - Centre (CTR)

Although Connelly Lemuelu did not register a decent score for the Dolphins in Round 12, I think we need to be wary of slotting him into the difficult centre position. Lem is capable of putting a decent score together when he has a decent game (have a look back at round 5 where he amassed 81pts) but what concerns me is his amount of missed tackles (MT) and in GameDay Squad missed tackles are the devil that really kills any chance of a decent score. Lemuelu averages 3MT per game equating to 9 demerits alone. Until Lem can sort out his missed tackles I’d be steering clear.

Jack Bird's legend GameDay Squad player card

Jack Bird

St George Illawarra Dragons - Edge-Forward (FWD)

Bird remains on the hold list for the second week running due to his ongoing knee soreness that saw him play limited minutes in Round 13, much to disgust of some GDS coaches. I would be holding Bird back this week as there is a chance he is rested or plays a lower minute role again.

HOLD all State of Origin players!



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