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GameDay Squad Rugby League: Round 13 Review

Can Horsburgh continue his current form? If Liddle continues to play big minutes, can we start him? Can we rely on Marzhew as a starter every week? So many questions coming out of round 123 so let's turn our attention back to fantasy footy for a second and identify some risers in form and others who should be falling out of favour with all fantasy coaches. Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels: twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

NRL Fantasy round 13 Review


Jacob Liddle's silver GameDay Squad player card

Jacob Liddle – HOK, St George Illawarra Dragons (87 points)

Liddle isn’t a name we hear too much in fantasy circles, but man did he have a good game against the Dolphins. In this performance he came away with 1 try assist, 2 line breaks, 1 line break assist, 4 tackle breaks and 1 offload on attack, this came to 31 points. In base stats he made 53 tackles and 89 running metres, this came to 63 points. I wouldn’t be expecting these numbers from Liddle every week but if he continues to be on the field for 70+ minutes, he could be a very good option some weeks. The Dragons do look a lot better when Liddle is on the field compared to Mybe. Before I really consider him for my starting team, I want to see what sort of performance he puts in against the Panthers. I think this performance was an outlier but the rotation between Liddle and Mybe is something to monitor.

Corey Horsburgh's platinum GameDay Squad player card

Corey Horsburgh – MID, Canberra Dragons (79 points)

Horsburgh was outstanding in the Raiders win over the Rabbitohs. In this performance he came away with 1 try, 2 line breaks, 4 tackle busts and 1 offload on attack, this came to 32 points. In base stats he made 46 tackles and 91 running metres, this came to 55 points. I was surprised by this performance with him starting on the edge as he had only played there once before. With the injuries that the Raiders have on the edge, I would be confident to start Horsburgh in my squad if he continues to start on the edge. If Queensland suffer any injuries in their pack, Horsburgh is surely in the mix for a call up.

Greg Marzhew's legend GameDay Squad player card

Greg Marzhew – WFB, Newcastle Knights (95 points)

Marzhew was the home run hit of the weekend as he showed us his tackle breaking best on the way to scoring three tries. In this performance he came away with 3 tries, 3 line breaks, 11 tackle breaks and 1 offload on attack, this came to 77 points. Marzhew is the third best WFB on the season with an average of 60 points. He is the best tackle breaking WFB in GDS Fantasy and averages 8.5 of these a game, that is 25 points. He also provides coaches with an average of 190 running metres. Just in these two stats alone, he averages 44 points a game. With a season high of 97 points and low of 30, this is very good for a WFB. Marzhew can be match up dependent but with only four scores of less than 50 points this season, he has shown that he can be a regular starting option for coaches.


Matthew Timoko's diamond GameDay Squad player card

Matthew Timoko – CTR, Canberra Raiders (14 points)

In fantasy terms, Timoko has had a terrible couple of weeks with scores of 5 and 14. He has failed to register any attacking stats in the last two games except for 2 tackle breaks and 2 offloads. On top of this his running metres are down, and he’s lost 35 points through missed tackles and penalties. Until Timoko turns his form around, he won’t be making my starting squad.

Clint Gutherson's gold GameDay Squad player card

Clinton Gutherson – WFB, Parramatta Eeels (33 points)

Gutherson was on the radar for a lot of coaches this week with it being the first major bye round. Unfortunately for those coaches that selected him, he only rewarded them with 33 points. In his performance, he managed 1 line break and 2 tackle breaks, 249 running metres, 4 tackles and 2 offloads. Gutherson is one of those real boom or bust players and he’s been a bust more often than not this season. He’s only had two scores of 50+ and only averages 32 points over the last four games. I’m never going to say to anyone don’t select Gutherson but I will say that I believe there are better opinions out there for WFB, even in major bye rounds.

Jackson Ford's bronze GameDay Squad player card

Jackson Ford – EDG, New Zealand Warriors (21 points)

Ford has been one of the best line running edge forwards in the game this year but he has been losing so many points through demerits. Excluding round two where he was ruled out with an HIA, he has been averaging 46 points in base through running metres and tackles. This is good for an edge forward. However, he has been losing 23 points a game through missed tackles, errors and penalties. As fantasy coaches this is not what we want to see. Even if he can tidy these demerits up, he is still a tier or two down from the likes of Fifita, Papali’i and Hopgood.



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