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  • Hayden Kaer

GameDay Squad Competitions: How Do They Work?

GameDay Squad provides two types of public competitions for both the Aussie Rules & Rugby League fantasy sports games: Classic (Capped) & Champion (Open). Entry into either of these competitions is determined by your squad's salary cap. What sets GameDay Squad apart is its innovative salary cap system, where the rarity of the Player Card determines the salary contribution towards the cap, rather than individual player salaries. This groundbreaking approach introduces a fresh and exciting way to play fantasy sports!

Public Competitions

Once you have selected your squad you are automatically entered into one of our two public competitions based on your total salary. In public competitions you go head-to-head against all the other coaches in the GameDay Squad community.

Classic Competition: $12 million salary cap

The Classic Competition puts coaches to the test, challenging them to create a top-performing team each week while staying within the salary cap. This introduces another level of strategy to the game. Should coaches go all-in on a few Diamond Player Cards, surrounded by mostly Bronze Player Cards? Or should they opt for a balanced team primarily made up of Silver and Gold Player Cards? The winning approach will likely vary each week, making this a truly distinctive version of fantasy sports. To learn more about the different salary cap strategies, check out this blog.

Champion Competition: No salary cap restriction

The Champion Competition is a no-limits test of fantasy skill and stands out as the ultimate challenge for coaches. Coaches in this division must leverage all of the Player Cards at their disposal to achieve the highest possible score.

Prize Money

Did you know that GameDay Squad have already given out over $100,000 in cash in 2023 alone? This year GameDay Squad are focussing on weekly competitions so that if you've missed the boat on the seasonal competition, you've still got something to compete for! We have some juicy cash prizes on offer every round for both our Classic (Capped) and Open (Champion) competition. See our prize structure for each of the remaining rounds of both the Aussie Rules and Rugby League 2023 season below:

1st: (Capped and Open) - $1000 each

2nd: (Capped and Open) - $500 each

3rd: (Capped and Open) - $250 each

4th-10th: (Capped and Open) - 2 x 9 Player Unique Packs

11th-20th: (Capped and Open) - 1 x 9 Player Unique Pack

Make sure you're following GameDay Squad on all our socials for a coming update on prizes for the seasonal competitions!

Private Competitions

GameDay Squad also gives coaches the opportunity to enter into private competitions with your friends. Head over to the 'Competitions' section on our website or app, where you can effortlessly create your own private competition or join an existing one using the unique code generated for your friend's league. Keep an eye out for our partners that host their own private leagues, as GameDay Squad occasionally adds extra prizes exclusively for these leagues. You can create and join as many private competitions as you like.



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