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GameDay Squad Rugby League - Round 27 Trading Targets

Is To’o a good pick up ahead of the finals series? What to do with Talakai after his worst performance of the season? If the Rabbitohs miss the finals, what do we do with Latrell ahead of the GDS Finals Competition? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the round 27 preview of buy, sell and hold. It’s essential to keep in mind that GameDay Squad is a dynasty fantasy football platform and that will be heavily taken into consideration in this article. Let us know your thoughts on who we have included below in our GameDay Squad Rugby League Round 25 Trading Targets on all of our socials - twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

GameDay Squad Rugby League - Round 25 Trading Targets


Joseph Tapine

Canberra Raiders - Middle-Forward (MID)

With Papali’i out injured and Horsburgh suspended, I’m expecting a big performance from Tapine this week. Last week he scored 45 points in 53 minutes. This season he has averaged 0.91 PPM and this week I’m expecting him to play 60+ minutes. With players like Haas, Carrigan, AFB and Horsburgh not available this week, Tapine is a decent candidate tostart in GDS. If results don’t go the Raiders way leading into their game on Sunday, they might find themselves needing to win to make the finals. This will be a tall order against a good Sharks team looking to lock in a home game in week one of the finals. If this does come to fruition, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tapine receives big minutes, and he may be the top MID on the week.

Brian To'o

Penrith Panthers - Winger/Fullback (WFB)

To’o has been having a solid season and has been flying under the radar. On the season heis averaging 44 points but since round 21 he’s averaged 54 points, that includes a 25 point performance against the Eels last week. With the finals just around the corner, now is the time to buy To’o. I’m expecting his value only to increase as I believe the Panthers will make it to the Grand Final. As the finals competition goes on, the pool of WFBs to choose from willstart decreasing. This is where To’o can be a handy asset. In 2021 he had his breakout season, but we have only seen glimpses this year of the form that he showed us in 2021. I believe the Panthers will continue to be a good team for some time and it’s always good to have wingers from a team like the Panthers.


Siosifa Talakai

Cronulla Sharks - Centre (CTR)

Talakai had his worst game of the season against the Knights and was really found out on defence. Gagai made him look out of his depth on occasions as missed seven tackles, this was a season high. Prior to the Kennedy injury a few weeks ago, I was starting to sense thatTalakai seemed to be on the outs as Tracey was brought into the starting side. In my round 21 Buy/Sell/Hold blog I had Talakai listed as a hold, since then I’ve seen enough and now believe he is a sell. Next season, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Talakai on the interchange with Tracey starting at left centre. With this being a strong possibility, Talakai’s value would plummet and you are likely not to get any more for him in the future than you can now.

GameDay Squad Rugby League - Round 25 Trading Targets

Jarome Luai

Penrith Panthers - Half (HLF)

Luai suffered a dislocated shoulder against the Eels in round 26 but has avoided immediate surgery. He has begun rehab on the injury in a bid to return to the finals series. Even if he does return to the field this season, Luai is still a sell. He has never been fantasy relevant and playing outside a primary playmaker like Cleary, he doesn’t really have much upside. Yes, he can put out the odd big score like he did in round 22 against the Sharks but it’s generally only once or twice a year that does happen. Luai’s value has never really been high in GDS and you are likely not going to receive much back for him. If you could work out a trade requesting a player of a lower rarity back, that might be the best option if you are looking to move Luai on.


Nick Meaney

Melbourne Storm - Winger-Fullback (WFB)

In the round 25 Buy/Sell/Hold blog I did say the Meaney was a sell. If you haven’t sold already, you have missed the opportunity to sell high and he now becomes a hold as his value has dropped with Papenhuyzen back at fullback for the Storm. Who knows if Bellamy is planning to play Papenhuyzen at fullback for the finals series or just ease him back into first grade. I believe if Papenhuyzen’s transition back into first grade continues to go smoothly, it’s only a matter of time before Meaney is no longer the Storm’s starting fullback. If Meaney is named to start at fullback in week 1 of the finals, I’d be trying to sell him as quickly as possible if you have the depth to cover the WFB position throughout the finals series.

Latrell Mitchell

South Sydney Rabbitohs - Winger-Fullback (WFB)

Mitchell is almost a must start every week when he is playing and is arguably the best WFB to have in GDS. With him serving a one match suspension this week and if the Bunnies don’tmake the finals, any cards of Mitchell will be collecting dust till next season. If the Bunnies don’t make the playoffs, this would be the time to try and acquire cards of Mitchell in my opinion. You may be able to pick him up at a discount or get a trade through for a player or players that are actually playing in the finals series. If you do already have Mitchell, he is a hold for me. If the Bunnies don’t make the finals and you need other WFBs to compete in theGDS Finals Competition, Mitchell may become a sell. Just remember, GDS is a dynasty platform so holding onto Mitchell would probably be the best thing to do.


GameDay Squad Rugby League - Round 25 Trading Targets


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